Wednesday, November 21, 2012

what's happening around 5839

What is happening these days?
It has been almost 1 YEAR since we did an open house - for people to come and see how things are going.  1 YEAR.  I can hardly believe it, and yet other days - it seems like forever.  How DOES that work.

Let me fill you in on what is happening these days.  My husband, who still has a full-time career with the City of Winnipeg Fire Department continues to work hard at finishing up loose ends.  I commented to one person that it seems like the "finishing up loose ends" is MORE than the "building the house" part of the project.  I realize that the "finishing" is the part I have a real love/hate relationship with.  I think that is because it is not as "measurable" or obvious.  For instance - you frame a house.  THAT IS OBVIOUS.  You put in the central vac ... or some tiles ... NOT so obvious. (ALTHOUGH I LOVE THE CENTRAL VAC!!)  My "NOAH" is working hard.  And I am thankful.  Sometimes I worry about the pace that he is going at.  (although he seems to want me to believe he is handling it).   I think that a two week holiday SOMEWHERE will be part of our winter plans before we open up to the public.  Time will tell.

Anyhow - things are happening.  Let me just tell you a little of what is going on.

  • Alvin cleaned up the yard.  One afternoon Josh gave him a hand at some of that stuff.  You know, stuff that accumulates when you move/move again/build etc.  Just STUFF.  The yard is much neater, much tidier.
  • Alvin made a parking area (where our semi trailer used to be) and all we need to do is get power to it, so that we have plug in spots for people's cars during the winter months.
  • Alvin got the spring put on the door - and now we will just get the automatic openers and I can start to park the car in the garage!!  
  • more loads of gravel was dumped on our yard, and Alvin spent some time in the bobcat spreading it
  • the base for the hot tub is ready for it to be delivered.  Alvin is also putting up a small wall close by so that the tub is semi-sheltered
  • he put the central vac into the house
  • he is working on the tiling of the kitchen back splash and soon behind the stove, although I think one of our young friends is coming to do this
  • Willy P, our good friend, has come for several hours to put the little latches into the door frames (you know where the door click into when you shut it?)  This is tedious and takes time.  I called Willy the "keeper of our door latches" yesterday.  We are so blessed by his help
  • Audrey P. came and did some Christmas decorating yesterday.  It is beginning to look alot like Christmas at 5839.
  • several people have stopped by to visit.  We are always thankful for a visit!
  • there are still many things to finish, but little by little - it is moving ahead!  
I am thankful for a husband who believe strongly in what God has called me (first) and he and our family to.  I do not take that for granted.  I could not have done this without him - in so many ways.
I am thankful for my kids who are constantly helping with something.  Thing is - they all have their own full lives too!  But they are part of this journey.  I also do not take that for granted.  
I am thankful for people who have offered their time in volunteering at something.  Or their expertise in advising us about products.  OR those who continue to believe in this Vision, and send cheques in the mail.  

I am thankful - and my soul - it is singing today!!  I praise you God - at what you are up to - in my life, in OUR lives and in the life of this ministry to which you have called us.  I give you all the praise!!

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