Wednesday, June 27, 2012

an encouragement lifted straight off of facebook

in spring we had Canadian Geese sitting here ... now we saw two crows!
 Seems to be a good place to rest!

We have had fill hauled in ...
and more fill...
and more ...
and we are not done yet!

the bottom of the retaining wall is framed in and awaits concrete 
the very beginning of the hill that will eventually turn into our pondless waterfall

at the side of the deck - Alvin has put some stairs so that you can walk off the deck and
onto a path to the back gardens
These steps look small but two people can sit side by side very comfortably on them

Even our neighbour John gets into the action.
He has helped us out with his cat, and used it to do some leveling of the fill

the end of the house - not yet finished.  The grey part will be finish stuccoed soon.
The blue part is the sunroom.

Alvin on the hill explaining to John how the hill should be made higher and sort of teardrop shaped.
Again, this is for the pondless waterfall.

Just a few more things before John gets going

The weeds in our yard are big and green and flourishing.
But the foxtails, they are so beautiful (even if they are weeds)

Now, how many trucks of fill does this truck make?

The bottom portion of the retaining wall is framed and ready for concrete.

And the truck arrives ...
Let the work begin.

almost finished for this part
"God is in every room. God has been in the planting of this vision seed and in the sprouting of every plank that is placed. Joy, I dream of this house...I see the front door opening often in my dreams and I exhale peace every-time! I have had prayers interrupted as God has simply asked me to lift you in that split second...I do! We are not connected physically and our lives don't intersect but one day God will reveal the link. I send blessings and pray you onward sister."

The question that a young friend asked that night was - "do any of you experience God?".  I could hardly contain myself.  Perhaps I need to work on that.  I do not always want to be the one who always has to talk.  (I think sometimes I do talk too much).  However, if there is ONE thng that I know for sure - it is that we CAN experience God.  He DOES talk.  He does want us to love him fully and to walk  in relationship with him.

I am so glad that God is so alive - and active - and present in my life.  SO GLAD.  Because IF He wasn't then I would be wondering just why we are spending our time, every spare moment - to build this.  The map is clear (especially) in retrospect.  It all makes ssense - the dips and doodles along the way - the waiting, the going - the idling. I am so glad that as a journaller - I can read the story - and I am continually in awe of what God is doing and what He is up to.  

I am constantly blown away by the people God uses to put in our path - to bring affirmation or encouragement at the right time.  Or the people He brings back into our life (like a mom that I used to have her child in Daycare, who has reentered my life and continues to be such a source of encouragement.  Thank you C.)  Or I am encouraged by people who read this blog, or my personal one ( and who pray for us and the build.  Or for people (like C) who brings her cousin and daughter to see the house, and we spend two glorious hours talking about what is happening at 5839 Henderson.  Those types of visits could not be planned!!  God just does things like that, and I am just, like I said ~ blown away in awe and wonder!

I often hear the comment from people that there is a sense of peace in the home. Sure, we have intentionally chosen colors etc to help bring a sense of calm.  HOWEVER, the feeling of peace that people are getting ... I can not MAKE that happen, but instead I firmly believe that it is because the land and project have been bathed/rained on with prayer.  Not just my prayers, or Alvin's or my family.  No, the prayers also of those who have come and walked the acreage ... who have walked through the house ... who have prayed for us during the day, or as the writer of the above quote said - God had simply asked her to lift us up in the split second, and she prayed.  We would not be where we are - without those prayers.

To those of you who have prayed ... thanks.
To those of you who are still praying ... thanks.
To those of you who will be praying in the future ... thanks.
To my friend M whose facebook quote I put at the top ... thanks for being obedient when God interrupts you and wants you to pray for me!  I don't take that for granted, not a bit.  I KNOW we have needed lots of prayer along the way!  I am so thankful M, that you listen to God.  

We do not take the power of prayer for granted.  NOT. AT. ALL.
So  ~  
THANK YOU for PRAYING on behalf of Alvin and I, the build, and the ministry.
God is blessing us through you!

Now, here are a few of the latest photos to show you what has been transpiring around the place!!