Saturday, December 29, 2012

starting to realize how much I am shaking in my boots!

Time is ticking by and things are being completed off of the "to do" list.  Parcels are being delivered. I think that the Parcel Delivery Guy must think that we have a BIG family and/or that perhaps we have won a lottery.  I am getting used to coming home and finding a parcel by my door.  Too bad I have to pay for them!! Otherwise the surprise would be even sweeter!

Alvin is slowly checking off things on the "to do" list as well.  For instance, we changed the plans slightly in the lower level and so now a wall needed to be built.  And behind the wall - shelves for storage, shelves for supplies, a coat rack for our outer clothes.  And then he and Mike Frank (the one that I tell him I am going to adopt as another son) well they have done work in the kitchen - the tile is up, and the grouting is done, and the boards on the bottom of the cabinets are in place (mostly) and well - we just need to get the top of the stove area done (fan, etc)

We are looking at a March beginning.  It seems far away.  It really isn't.  It is just over two months.
And while that may seem a long time to a guy who has been building this ark for a while, it DOES not seem to be a long time to a woman who is, quick frankly, realizing how much I am really shaking in my boots!   There are many things happening in my heart, and in my mind, and in my being.  Many things.  (for more, you can go to my personal blog
if you really want to know :)   A side note though:  even though I AM shaking in my boots - I am still firmly convinced of the call to this ministry that He has placed on me, my husband and our family.  FIRMLY CONVINCED even IF I am shaking like a leaf!!

Otherwise, in the meantime - if you are someone who loves to pray on behalf of others - please pray for us as we count down on our to-do list and as we ramp up to our opening.
We would love your prayers!
Please Pray that this house of ours truly will be a place of peace, a place of rest, and a place where one can experience joy and peace.  Pray already for anyone and everyone - who enters these doors and sits at our table over a cup of coffee, or for anyone who sits in front of the fireplace for a time of rest, or for anyone who sleeps in our beds.  We do not know who will come, or why they need to retreat for a day away (and night).  We will not know until they begin to come.  That is when I shake a little and when the devil loves to bring the doubt that is always standing just a stone's throw away his favorite line is "ya, you actually think people will come here?" I smile when I think of the line from the movie with Kevin Kostner - the one called Field of Dreams where he decides to build a baseball diamond and always hears the words "build it and they will come" and I just can't help but think God continues to say those words to us.  So while I work on the budget, and try to imagine how many women may come (how do I do that anyhow?) I keep hearing God affirming that He does have it all under control - that we need to finish the build and that he will make sure "they will come" because there is one thing I know about God is that He has it under control and usually when I feel so out of control, so "shaking excessively in my boots" that He has things the most under control!  So please pray for continued trust in this call that he has put on our lives.  Thanks.

Friday, November 23, 2012

God's Provision in Unexpected Ways

This morning I am just in the midst of my Quiet Time (affectionately known as QT) with my God.
I do may things during my QT.  I (lately) have started off by just focusing on a verse or a passage of Scripture.  I have also been pairing up my QT with reading from a book called YOUR EARS WILL HEAR ~ A Journal for Listening to God, written by Steve & Evy Klassen (founders/directors of The Mark Center in Abbotsford, BC).  I know them, as Alvin and I have had the privilege of booking into The Mark Center, as well as in September I participated in a Listening to God morning session with Steve at our church's (Eastview Community Church) downtown campus One88.  After that Steve came home with me, and spent some time chatting (the three of us) and then talking some more while I drove him to his next location.  SO ... I am really being blessed by YOUR EARS WILL HEAR (which by the way, I have some if you want to purchase one).

ANYHOW back to this morning.  Here is the portion of Scripture that I meditated on:

           Job 11:7

              New International Version (NIV)
“Can you fathom the mysteries of God?
  Can you probe the limits of the Almighty?

Job 11:7
Amplified Bible (AMP)
Can you find out the deep things of God, or can you by searching find out the limits of the Almighty [explore His depths, ascend to His heights, extend to His breadths, and comprehend His infinite perfection]?

The question that Steve encourages the reader to think of/ponder is this:
When has God provided in unexpected ways?  As you pay attention to how God has been providing for you, focus is on this element of the unexpected.  How is God revealing his character to you as you receive provision from unforseen places?

I have been thinking alot lately - about how God - being God - NO ONE can even begin to fathom the deep things of God!  You know, sometimes my mind goes there, and my finite thinking just makes me overwhelmed.  God - His greatness, His might, His power, His omnipotence, His mysteries, His limits ~ CAN NOT BE FATHOMED!!  Sometimes I have said about something, "it is a mystery only God understands".  There is way more to our relationship with God, way more to the way He moves, acts, blesses, guides us - than we can even ask or imagine!

When I think of how God has provided in unexpected ways - I am continually blown away by the "UNEXPECTED" ... and I love that about my God!  Being a somewhat spontaneous person, I love the surprise element (well, most of the time) and I just have loved the adventure that God has us on - with the building of our house, that we are using for ministry.  I am loving the fact that once God laid this vision on my heart - that HE has also done HIS thing over and over and over again, and that He has brought in the unexpected into this adventure.

Let me list you some of the "unexpected ways" that God has provided thus far:

  • names of people that we needed to connect with
  • volunteers that have come and donated their time and effort
  • unexpected cheques in the mail
  • land purchase with no conditions, no counter offers needed
  • neighbour with dozer who helped do some landscaping
  • some help with reduced costs from 4 different businesses - covering landscaping to mattresses to soil to furniture.  BLESSED!!
  • an architect who designed the retreat center, and we were so "on the same page" that very little changed in the design from start to finish
  • brothers who KNOW codes and gave sound engineering advice
  • a friend who listened to our hearts and designed a landscape plan for us and has informed us that someone is ready to donate the rock needed for the yard
  • opportunities to share my story of this adventure to women's groups
  • last night - the Pineridge Hollow Christmas Home Tours 2012 started, and Jan Regehr has selected Women Refreshed at the Well as their charity of choice and we will received proceeds from the home tours.  (OK that one knocked my socks off)
  • Christian Week story (2009) Manitoba Cooperator (2009) and the MB HERALD (coming next month) all wrote stories about the retreat vision.  (I am one of 2-3 written about in an article in the Herald, but CW and MC were exclusive about the Vision!)
  • more cheques that come unexpected
  • people speaking prophetically in our lives and us seeing how the words they have been given for us/ the dreams and the visions - match fully with this adventure God has us on!   
  • and on and on....
How is God revealing his character to you as you receive provision from unforseen places?  I love thinking about this question Steve asks.  God - He is such an amazing God!!  This is what I think about his character!

I think personally, that God LOVES to surprise us.  If you are a parent, you could think in those terms (although our parenting comes NO WHERE close to what God is as a parent to us)  I loved to give my kids surprises .  Even still as they are older.  Personally, I have been surprised over and over again by how God is in the details of my life, and in the details of this adventure He has called us on!  I think that the unexpected ways show us that God is way bigger, way greater, way more beyond our comprehension - that show us how He loves to guide us.  I love that the unexpected things we encounter are like continued road markers along the path, or like continual "kisses" that help us to remember again that even though we don't SEE him in person, we hear him, and see how he works through people, and circumstances.  Personally I believe there is NOTHING coincidental but that God knows, allows, puts into place at times, ORDAINS things along this journey!

I am seeing that God - MY God - is way bigger than anything I could ever think.  He is blessing us more than we could ever ask or imagine - and I just really stand in awe and thanksgiving.  This is HIS vision - we are merely the vessels through which He is building, through which He is bringing to be - a place where one can "just be" and experience rest, renewal, and refreshment.  WOW .... what a God HE IS.  

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

what's happening around 5839

What is happening these days?
It has been almost 1 YEAR since we did an open house - for people to come and see how things are going.  1 YEAR.  I can hardly believe it, and yet other days - it seems like forever.  How DOES that work.

Let me fill you in on what is happening these days.  My husband, who still has a full-time career with the City of Winnipeg Fire Department continues to work hard at finishing up loose ends.  I commented to one person that it seems like the "finishing up loose ends" is MORE than the "building the house" part of the project.  I realize that the "finishing" is the part I have a real love/hate relationship with.  I think that is because it is not as "measurable" or obvious.  For instance - you frame a house.  THAT IS OBVIOUS.  You put in the central vac ... or some tiles ... NOT so obvious. (ALTHOUGH I LOVE THE CENTRAL VAC!!)  My "NOAH" is working hard.  And I am thankful.  Sometimes I worry about the pace that he is going at.  (although he seems to want me to believe he is handling it).   I think that a two week holiday SOMEWHERE will be part of our winter plans before we open up to the public.  Time will tell.

Anyhow - things are happening.  Let me just tell you a little of what is going on.

  • Alvin cleaned up the yard.  One afternoon Josh gave him a hand at some of that stuff.  You know, stuff that accumulates when you move/move again/build etc.  Just STUFF.  The yard is much neater, much tidier.
  • Alvin made a parking area (where our semi trailer used to be) and all we need to do is get power to it, so that we have plug in spots for people's cars during the winter months.
  • Alvin got the spring put on the door - and now we will just get the automatic openers and I can start to park the car in the garage!!  
  • more loads of gravel was dumped on our yard, and Alvin spent some time in the bobcat spreading it
  • the base for the hot tub is ready for it to be delivered.  Alvin is also putting up a small wall close by so that the tub is semi-sheltered
  • he put the central vac into the house
  • he is working on the tiling of the kitchen back splash and soon behind the stove, although I think one of our young friends is coming to do this
  • Willy P, our good friend, has come for several hours to put the little latches into the door frames (you know where the door click into when you shut it?)  This is tedious and takes time.  I called Willy the "keeper of our door latches" yesterday.  We are so blessed by his help
  • Audrey P. came and did some Christmas decorating yesterday.  It is beginning to look alot like Christmas at 5839.
  • several people have stopped by to visit.  We are always thankful for a visit!
  • there are still many things to finish, but little by little - it is moving ahead!  
I am thankful for a husband who believe strongly in what God has called me (first) and he and our family to.  I do not take that for granted.  I could not have done this without him - in so many ways.
I am thankful for my kids who are constantly helping with something.  Thing is - they all have their own full lives too!  But they are part of this journey.  I also do not take that for granted.  
I am thankful for people who have offered their time in volunteering at something.  Or their expertise in advising us about products.  OR those who continue to believe in this Vision, and send cheques in the mail.  

I am thankful - and my soul - it is singing today!!  I praise you God - at what you are up to - in my life, in OUR lives and in the life of this ministry to which you have called us.  I give you all the praise!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snow Day Thoughts

It seems that today, at least in Manitoba, is supposed to be a snow day!  Apparently a big snow storm, what is known as a "colorado low" is supposed to dump record breaking snow on us.  Right now, it is just lightly falling.  However, we believe that what they say - will be true, since it is more than a "chance".  So, we will just stick close to home (unless of course Ashley calls to say it is "baby delivery time" which (let me tell you) will be music to this Granny's ears!  With Alvin home, I have NO DOUBT that I would get to the hospital IN TIME as the work truck is a 4x4.  (I am so excited as my daughter and son-in-law have asked me to join them in the room for L&D).

But, with no phone call yet - we wait.  And we will work through some of the stuff in the house.  We are still moving in, so to speak.  We are still unpacking boxes, still furnishing, still finishing trims, etc.   A snow day is a perfect day to just stay warm, and work, and stop for coffee along the way.  A restful day, a day of solitude in some ways.  Just Alvin and I working together at different projects.  

It is quiet in here right now.  And I am thankful.  Sometimes (actually alot of times) I just love the "quiet" of this place.  The outside scene of serenity, just adds to this inner feel.  It is like God is laying his hand on my shoulder, ever so gently, and saying "shhhh.... enjoy .... be still.  As you work, see my fingerprints all over your day.  Feel my presence beside you.  Shhhhh.... enjoy!"

So, I am going to.  My cup of coffee beside me.  The fireplace switched on and glowing.  A chair beside it to sit in, and my bible and journal. A quiet start to our snow day!  

Enjoy!!  And maybe later you can make some snow angels!

I got this e-devotional from INSIGHT FOR LIVING and it just seemed timely for today.  So, I am sharing it.
I originally posted this on my personal blog ( but think that it suits both that one, and this one, since it is in this house - that we want to foster a ministry that speaks to the benefits of solitude - of rest - of just "shhhhh.... enjoy .... and be still!"

November 10, 2012
The Benefits of Solitude
by Charles R. Swindoll
Every word of God is tested;
He is a shield to those who
take refuge in Him. 
Proverbs 30:5
The Scriptures are replete with references to the value of waiting before the Lord and spending time with Him. When we do, the debris we have gathered during the hurried, busy hours of our day gets filtered out, not unlike the silt that settles where a river widens.

With the debris out of the way, we are able to see things more clearly and feel God's nudgings more sensitively.

David frequently underscored the benefits of solitude. I am certain he first became acquainted with this discipline as he kept his father's sheep. Later, during those tumultuous years when King Saul was borderline insane and pursuing him out of jealousy, David found his time with God not only a needed refuge but his means of survival.

God still longs to speak to waiting hearts . . . hearts that are quiet before Him.

Excerpted from Charles R. Swindoll, Wisdom for the Way (Nashville: J. Countryman, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2001). Copyright © 2001 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

the picture worth a thousand words

As I was going through some boxes of papers etc, I came across this picture of my daughter Ashley blowing a dandelion that had gone to seed.  For some reason then - I had decided that this picture captured part of our hearts in regards to the ministry.  I printed these pictures back in 2002 and gave them out to people who were encouraging us/praying for us in the ministry God had entrusted to me and called me into.

That was 10 years ago.

"Thanks for being part of the vision.  Thanks for your prayers"
At this time, I think back to the past 10 years - and can not believe where time has gone.  Of course the picture is of a younger Ashley - and at the time she was in actuality older than she was in the picture.
I love dandelion puffs.  I love how they go to seed and how they blow in the wind.  I love how the seeds take flight like little helicopters, only to land and come up as dandelions in someone else's yard.
To me - I know dandelions are a nuisance but they are such a bright cheery little weed!!

At the time when I gave these out - I had NO idea what was going to transpire - my call to pastoral ministry - our family's losing Jay - hearing God say that NOW was the time to move ahead - having the kids suggest a slight variation that God had laid on their hearts - leaving pastoral ministry - beginning the build - selling our house of 27 years - living in limbo for 2 years - and trying to now put all the finishing touches on our house which will be used primarily for retreat bed and breakfast for women.

I knew that God had planted a big seed.  But what he would do with that - I had no idea.  Often we say that we really did have no idea how big this project was.  That little seed has flown, taken root and has multiplied and we continue to be in awe of all the things God HAS done and IS doing and is YET to do!  We stand amazed.

So, here is the picture again, and I just want to say one more time - thank you for your prayers and for being a part of this vision

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

God in the details!

The other day my daughter Ashley and Audrey (her/our friend) came out to the house - to stage an area for a mini "photo shoot" for the sake of getting a picture for a poster that we are making for an event.  Audrey came in with totes full of garland, and pretty things.  Then she scoured the place to find just the right thing to put out, for making the room look homey, welcoming, warm, inviting ...
Some books there, a nice pillow here.  A teapot there, some garland here.  She made it look easy - the details looked like they had always been there.  Audrey is going to come and decorate for Christmas - it is part of her gifting, and it brings her much joy!  She asked and I said I would love her help!  Little things - little details.  They made such a difference to warm up the space and make it feel like you would love to come and retreat!

Does God care about the details?  I know that this is a topic that sometimes comes up in a discussion.  Some people think that God is way too important and involved with BIG things to care about little details.  Personally, I love thinking of God as the ultimate parent!  And being a parent myself I think of what I loved about having children.  One thing (of course there are MANY THINGS) that I think of are the many times my kids would come up and just sit on my lap and tell me what was on their heart ... later, when they were older, they didn't sit on my lap but we still had time together.  I loved those times - all the times when they told me details of their lives.  I loved helping them with the details.  I loved spoiling them with little details.  I loved the delight I would see in their eyes, or hear in their voices.  So if I, being the mom I am - delighted in the details of my kids lives - then why wouldn't my heavenly Father be delighted in the details of our lives?  Which is why, I think that He is.
(you have heard me talk about "kisses" before - or about "God-things" .... yep, I think He loves the details!)

You know, one thing that God has impressed on me over the past few years, is that so many women do not feel "precious" in any one's eyes but most of all that they do not realize how precious they are in the eyes of God!  I have seen too many women - young and old - who do not feel validated, or loved, or worth anything.  Too many women who do not see how beautiful they are to God especially.  I believe that God had me working within the church setting (as a pastor for 7.5 years) to show me exactly those things, and to impress on my heart - that our place of retreat needed to be a place where women could come and just be.  They could come and just sit in their jammies for the day if that is what they wanted.  They could come with their daughters, or sisters, or moms.  They could come for a day or a night or perhaps for a weekend!  God also impressed on us, that we needed to offer details within the house, that spoke to the senses of women.  For instance - the color of the rooms, the linen, the art work, the cups that they drank their coffee out of.  Things like the bikes that they could sign out for a ride, or the garden that they could walk around, or the deck they could sit on to watch the birds eat from the feeders.  Details like the music that might be playing, or the comfy chair purchased for them to cozy up in.  Details ... details ... details.  

We have been working on those details.  We have been scouring the Internet and the stores for just the right thing.  We have been ordering chairs, and duvets, and dishes.  Details that we hope will speak to the senses of women and help them to feel absolutely treasured, and treated special.  This is our prayer.  

I have loved the fact that there are women in my life who have prophetic gifting, and whom God has used to speak into the ministry and my life.  I just found out that another fairly new friend of mine (I met her two years ago but feel like I have known her much longer) - well she told me that God had given her something for me.
I asked L if she would mind if I shared it with you all on this blog, and she was fine with that.  When we talked at first - she shared briefly, but later once she got home - she sent me the note she had written on her ipad when God "gave" this word to her.  Here it is: (I have chosen to put "breaks" in it - mostly so that you could read it and just see what God is saying about details.  

Sat. Oct 13
Was praying for you on my ride into city today and Got "God is in the details". 

I had been praying for your purchases/shopping for the retreat house and saw many items that you were shopping for. I'm sure you are asking the Father about all of this, but I felt very impressed for you to wait on The Lord and ask Him specifically about the accessories you buy. wait and listen for His direction. saw you hesitating over some things The Father was moving you to purchase, wondering if that could possibly be right, and buying them anyway, not sure why on earth they would be important. 

He knows exactly who will be under that roof, what will move them, touch them, speak to their heart about how much He cares for them exactly where they are at, what will jog a memory, soften them, melt them. 

He  IS in the details!  a vase, a picture, a comforter, a pillow, a colour, a mug, a candle stick, a bird feeder, an aroma.  

How Gracious Our Father is to use silly earthy things to jolt us, move us, break us, mend us, reach us, engage us. He knows the secret places of our hearts and minds and chooses to make Himself known.  what a wonderful Saviour!

NOW .. you tell me!!  Is God in the details?  I say YES.  Thank you Lord for speaking to me through the word you gave to L.  Thank you for her willingness to share it with me!  To you O Lord - we dedicate our purchases - and our ministry.  To your name be praised O Lord.  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

fabric, chairs, tables, benches, spruce trees,coffee times, and cheques in the mail

spruce trees
coffee times
and cheques in the mail!

What do all of those things have in common?  Well - all of these things represent life at 5839 Henderson during the month of October AND we are not done yet!!

Life is moving along.  Alvin and I are in the house.  It is feeling more and more like our house, and until we actually begin to have retreaters come - we can use the whole house for ourselves!  Well - actually, we are not using the upstairs, since our "personal suite" is in the basement.  However, we are enjoying the dining room, and the kitchen space, the great room - etc which are all on the main floor of the house.

We have NOT set a date to open yet.  We ARE still working at finishing up many many things.  Sometimes it feels like we are close - and then we just begin to look around!  If Alvin was retired and just around to do the finishing - then it would be a full time job in itself.  However - he is still working at the firehall, so is doing this finishing in his off time.

The girls and I (my decor team consists of my two daughters, Ashley and Leah, and Audrey who is a friend of Ashley's and NOW a friend of mine, and of the ministry).  I am loving many things about working together on this project.  One of the things that I do not take for granted is the fact that God has included my whole family in this ~ right from the start, the kids were in the know.  And they were supportive.  However I can not say how much they have come to be a huge part of this vision that God has entrusted to me first, and then to Alvin and the kids!  I thank God for that.

So October has been full of coffee visits - and many drop in visits here at 5839.  We have invited people to feel free to stop by and if we are home - I will gladly put the coffee pot on.  Since I just finished my permanent part-time job, I will be home more often!  But there is lots to do!

At the beginning of the month, I met with Jan Regehr from Pineridge Hollow (if you have never been there - you have to go - start off by going for a meal or just for coffee, visit the gift shop and check out the furniture!)

Jan is an amazing person to work with - and so helpful to the girls and I.  I am serious - I am sure that I had the "deer caught in the headlights" look when I walked in there!  But we had fun picking out fabric, taking them home - picking out styles of chairs - and then I went back and placed the order.
Jan has been so supportive, so generous, and so knowledgeable.

THEN I ordered our table and chairs and bench from Urban Barn.  I wanted a reclaimed wood - harvest style table.  Which means that we will have to find a home for our used china cabinet.  (If you want to buy a china cabinet in good shape - let us know).

And then, we had to go and get some trees - which proved to be a bigger affair than we had thought.  But a few hours later - and then some planting time on top of that - they are all in the yard - and hopefully will continue to thrive after the winter puts them to sleep for a while!

There have been many pots of coffee shared around the table.  I have had the great joy of sharing the call to this ministry with may women and men alike.  God just continues to make my hair tingle on my arms when I think of all He has done - and how He continues to work and go before us.  Alvin and I know without a shadow of a doubt that this project - is way bigger than anything we could dream or build.  It is all because of God speaking it to us.  I am thankful - but continue to stand in awe of what He is doing - and how just when we think we have nothing left to give - He continues to give strength and energy!

And - then there have been cheques.  In the past month, I have been blessed to receive three cheques out of the blue - all for the ministry.  A friend once told me that I just need to be faithful in what God has called us to - and to share the vision - and that God will move people to give.  Sometimes when I think of the whole vision - it can be pretty overwhelming.  But God is obviously putting WOMEN REFRESHED AT THE WELL on other people's hearts too!  I praise Him for that.

So we continue on.  If you would drive up tomorrow - you would notice that the big semi trailer that we had our belongings housed in - is gone.  (YES!) And the yard is starting to look neater and tidier.  You would notice that trees are planted along the driveway - the grass is growing - and there are Blue Spruce planted along the part of the house that faces South.  You would see that there is a muddy drive way (hoping it will dry up a bit so that we can get the hot tub delivered soon).  Inside - things are coming together.  Leah, my daughter in law just came and organized my kitchen.  I asked her if she would want to do that, as I know that she loves to organize - and she graciously came.  I thought it would take her forever - but she left just before midnight - and things looked wonderful.  I continue to leave the postit notes on so that I can get used to where things are - and then, I will take them off.

We are moving forward - one day at a time.  Alvin wakes up and asks God what it is he should focus on for the day.  Often the journey can seem overwhelming - but God is giving grace!  We are thankful.  There is still lots to be done - but we are beginning to see that there is an end that is slowing coming into sight!!  An end - that will soon bring about a new beginning!

Here are some pics!
Leah's pick for the winter room

Audrey and Ashley at Pineridge Hollow

fabrics come home

for the library chairs - picked the one on the left (as you see the pic)

Ashley's pic for the AUTUMN Room

The one on the right (as you look at the picture) is the one Audrey chose for the SUMMER room

We love this one for the SANCTUARY

a bird's eye view from the upper story
Leah in the midst of organizing my kitchen!

I can't explain the peace I felt during this evening - and when she left!
I loved that she was willing to organize for me.

Sunsets are just always so beautiful

at the tree farm

picking our trees out

the first one gets dug

securing the 4 trees for the ride home

more fill
more leveling
more burme making
soon there will also be a hot tub!

We continue to covet your prayers for Alvin and I - and our family - as we continue to work around the house - and as we continue to finish many jobs that need to be done!   Alvin and I are also looking forward to the arrival of our 4th little Grandbaby - with the due date being November 8th - this little one can come any time!!  We can hardly wait - and it will mean we will have to take a rest from the work at 5839 to do some more Poppa and Granny Time!  (This is Ashley and Michael's first baby!)  We appreciate your prayers for a safe arrival!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

fall is settling in

Seems that fall is settling in over the land.
The geese are flying by daily
The farmers have gotten their crops off, and their land tidied up for winter
The garden markets are open in abundance down Henderson Hwy
The leaves have turned brilliant colors of gold, red, orange and rust
God's handiwork is all over this land
And I stand in awe

As I type this, I see the sun is setting
The days getting progressively shorter in daylight hours
Shorter by minutes each day
No wonder we just want to come in and just relax!

But there is always work to be done around here
A little of this
A lot of that
More work than play it seems!

We are thankful for the continued beautiful weather
As it allows us to do things without having to wear lots of layers and clothing
Like for instance - planting trees
Or watering them!

I will share some of the beauty of this land, along with some pictures of where things are at at 5839 Henderson Hwy.  We still have work to get done before the snow flies.
SNOW ...  don't even want to THINK of it yet.
(insert sad face here)

Enjoy the fall pictures - and the update.
And please keep us in your prayers as we continue on in this great adventure God has called us to.

our "amour" maple is planted

fall reflections in our freshly washed windows

outside of the barn - this red bush is so pretty

blue sky and amazing hot temperatures in September!

this thistle is purple in summer and now is white and fluffy seed!
even if it is a weed - it is just beautiful

now the front part of our lawn 

grass begins to grow just before it is time for it to sleep for winter!

the back yard "in progress" ... top soil covered with tarp, and the future pondless waterfall to the right of the picture
looks a little messy right now - but one day - it will be soooo beautiful!!
Thanks Jan for the arbor!

some trees about to be planted in the front yard

trees ... one day you too will be big!!

the planting is underway

my modern day "Noah"
just getting some more of the job done
all in a day's work!

leaves fall

once again, God reminds me of HIS love to us
and of HIS presence
and of HIS provision
through creation
Even heart shaped leaves.
What an amazing GOD we serve!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

more changes - including some landscaping

These pictures are not in order - mainly because I was having some trouble with the loading of them.
Regardless - you can see how things are progressing!  We are getting closer and closer ...
and closer :)

Alvin and Michael had some help from a neighbour!

the retaining wall is poured

yes, sometimes he stops for coffee breaks or in this case
it is a smoothie that is his drink of choice!

garage lights are up

I picked, ordered, paid, and now wait for the tile to come in for the kitchen
(I picked the 2" x 2" tiles)
grass seed is down
watering faithfully

covering up the topsoil before the storm

you can see the beginning of the paths for the gardens

the beginning of the "centre garden area"

topsoil is precious
do not want to lose any of it to wind or rain

top soil is spread - and gives the yard a whole new look
grass to come!

Maxine marked some places for Blue Spruce to be planted

Alvin in the bobcat - spreading the soil

Maxine explaining the pondless waterfall that she has in mind for the yard

"I'm the king of the castle!!"
Nothing like a little fun while planning the yard

"... this is how I will sculpt the pile to get it ready for the liner, and then the rocks ..."

"... and over here ..."

Josh working in the SPRING/SUMMER bathroom....

Alvin helps out Josh by washing off the grout off the tiles
This washroom is my favorite!!  

Josh turned each washroom into a work of art!