Wednesday, December 14, 2022

When the little fund runs dry - an opportunity for you.

When the little fund runs dry it provides others the opportunity to partner with us!  

Bring a Woman to the Well - This fund was originally begun by a donation towards the ministry that was specifically to help cover or offset the cost of a retreat stay for someone who could not afford all or any of the rate for the overnight.

Currently we are asking you if you would like to invest in the fund that helps to bring women here to retreat.  

This past year we have seen an influx of people who want to come, and have come, at little to no cost to them .  HOWEVER being a non profit, also having gone through the tough years of Covid, our little ministry is also encountering tough financial times.

What does this mean?  It means that we will  have to limit or say no to requests to come free.

So this is where we would like to extend the invitation to you.

If you are a CHURCH that is asking us to consider taking someone at little or no cost.  We would like to encourage you to be the ones sending the person.  Churches have a greater resource base to work from, and often have a fund to help those in need.  

If you are family or friends, or life group, and you believe someone needs to retreat, do you believe in that so much that you are willing to buy a gift certificate for one or more nights, to send them?  (gift certificates are not tax receptacle) 

If you are someone who just believes in retreat ministry, perhaps you would consider a donation to the Bring a Woman to the Well fund.  Donations of this kind (meaning that it is not specified for someone) is tax receiptable.  

We believe in this vision - of providing the space to allow women to come and retreat and it has blessed us immensely to allow people to come when they were financially unable.  But our little fund is dry.

Would you care to partner with us in this way to help enable us to continue to bless others in this way?

Feel free to email Joy at or press the DONATE on this site, and specify the fund.