Thursday, March 25, 2010

Working Drawings: First Meeting

Yesterday, March 24th, we met Jordan L. (Friesen Tokar) at Mountain Bean, and there ~ over coffee and London Fog tea, we looked at the beginning of the working drawings for the home.  This is the point that my husband gets more involved than me, as all the talk about thickness of walls, joists, insulation, etc has me become a little “glazed” in the eyes.  But, needless to say, since Alvin is getting somewhat antsy with the wait to begin the building stage ~ this visit was WONDERFUL!
The time together was about 40 minutes long.  Long enough for him to ask a few details about what Alvin wanted (to do with the construction phase).  Basically once my tea was done ~ our visit had come to an end, and we parted with another handshake and the promise to talk soon.
To say that sometimes I get this overwhelming feeling ~ would be most accurate!  There are times when I almost have to pinch myself to believe we are really REALLY doing this.  After 10 years of waiting ~ we are about to build!
We covet your prayers on our behalf and the behalf of the ministry.  Please pray for Jordan as he works on the plans.  Please pray that God sends the person he has already selected ~ to buy our house!  We really need that part to come to fruition!
God is our strength.  He is our guide.  Our light.  He is our all.  To God be the glory for all that He has done over the past years, and for what He is doing in the present, and for all He is going to do in the future!  We are merely his vessels through which He will do his work.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Now.. Onto the "Working Drawings"

I have been anxiously awaiting the time when I could blog and say that we (Jerald our architect, Alvin, my husband, and I) are finally moving onto the next step.  That is ~ our design plans are agreed on (size was the biggest thing we were trying to work out!) and the plan has been passed from Jerald onto another guy (Jordan) who is now working on the “working drawings” so that we can get the plans stamped and then go for the building permit!! WOOHOOO!!!!  It is one step closer.  As well, my brother-in-law Rick has been working on some of the plans as well. Being Alvin’s brother, he has been a great person to talk some details with when it comes to drawing plans.  So, the last email I got  from Jerald said that Jordan would need about 40 hours to work on the plans.  Honestly, this is such a wonderful feeling ~ moving onto the next stage.  With the weather getting warmer (today was plus 2) Alvin is getting a little antsy about getting the “take-offs” done so that we have the prices on the building package, etc…
So much to do.  Sometimes I feel my heart beating much quicker.  Sometimes I have to breathe deeply and allow the reality to sink in.  It has been 10 years since God laid this vision on my heart ~ I believe it is 10 years in April.  One of the younger men from our church was asking me about where our plans were at, and he said he loved seeing “our long obedience of faith” over the years.  He was also at the council meeting back in January 2001 when I presented the plans of the vision to the church council.
Sometimes I can hardly believe it… 10 years.  So much has happened in these 10 years.  SO MUCH.  I know I am definitely a different woman than I was then.  I know that God has changed very little of the first plan he laid on my heart ~ but he has ENLARGED the VISION so to speak.
At this point, we have $7000 in the bank account, with more than 85% having been donated in the past 7 months through gift donations from those who believe in the vision, and our call to this ministry.  We have two automatic deposits each month!  Soon we will have to do some bigger thinking regarding some fundraising.  After all ~ we have many rooms to furnish! (five bedrooms, a library, a “chapel”, a sunroom, a dining room, etc…)
God is at work.  We see how the timeline we THOUGHT we had back in fall, was not HIS timeline.  We are praying now about SPRING.  We would covet your prayers on the following:
  • for Jordan to be able to complete the working drawings by the end of this month
  • for our house/land in Anola to sell for the right asking price (since this money will be used to build our home/retreat house)
  • for our other piece of land in Anola to sell (74 acres)
  • for Alvin and the boys (Blue Jay Family Works) as they talk about and plan the build
We thank God for the way He moves.  I believe that He has the right person interested in buying our home and our other piece of  land.  I believe that we are still walking in line with HIS will for this ministry.  God is in the details, and I just want to keep breathing deeply and trusting ~ and taking each step in faith!
Thanks for your prayers!!