Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the art of taping

There is an art to taping drywall.  I have watched a few people do it, but I have to say that I have been amazed at Will, who is doing the drywalling in our place.  I don't think standing up high on scaffolding is something that everyone can do!  But somehow he is making it look easy!

We are at the point where we have to pick up some primer and pick colors.  The upstairs is taped and sanded.  The downstairs is mostly done.  And then .. the lower level (basement) will need Alvin's attention too!

I walked through the house tonight just as the boys were cleaning up outside.  The sun was coming in through the windows and shining on the walls.  I never cease to be amazed at the work of their hands!

Here are some pictures from today.  Alvin was pleased that this afternoon, he and Michael were able to begin doing work on the overhang/roof coming from the sunroom.  They want to shingle so that then they can get ready to do the siding.  I am a little nervous about the color we have chosen .. but I think it will look nice!  Time will tell!!

Here are the pics!

still hauling in gravel

the red looks good in every season

the trusses on the sunroom are beginning to be built

the sun begins to rise this morning with just a hint of red in the sky

the trailer etc in the forefront belongs to our neighbour 

had to zoom in to try to get the sunrise

looking down from the loft, onto our grandson's play structure

more sunrise pics

at the other end of the day - I found the sunroom and the roof overhang over the deck
being built ... the house takes on another look

Will climbs up on this scaffolding to tape the ceiling...

and there was ALOT of taping to be done on the ceiling!

looking at the kitchen

the sun shines through the windows onto the wall

this is upstairs in the sanctuary

looking down from the catwalk - onto the great room

the boys had to insulate the area at the top of the garage - because of the heating/plumbing up to the room
that is located over the garage

the garage is taking shape inside

gravel, gravel and more gravel!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dust and Fluff everywhere!

Well, things are moving ahead.  Sometimes Alvin thinks there is no progress, but there is!  For the past week or two, Will has been here taping drywall.  What a job!  But he keeps plugging along except for when the boys invite him to share a coffee break!  It is nice when I am not at work - because then they get not only lunch but coffee too!  

Today Michael picked up the blower for the insulation.  And they got to work, laying the base of the insulation in the attic.  There is more insulation coming up from Menards, but in the meantime - they worked all day.  It was quite something to see them - like snowmen!  The insulation is made up of newspaper (or something like that) and so there is a fair bit of fluff with it all.

And, it is noisy!  Michael is up in the attic and Alvin is feeding the insulation into the hopper.
It is a joint project.  And they are both fluffy because of it!

Thought you would enjoy a couple pictures.  The house is looking more and more like a HOUSE!!
I just picked up the paint samples so we will be choosing those soon!  So much to do!!  I continue to give this project to the Lord, and ask - that you keep us in your prayers.  Thanks.

banana bread

the dust shows up on my camera 

Mikey - comes out of the attic for a break

fresh coffee for the workers

Alvin looks a little fluffy!

Will working on the walls in the great room

they all stop for coffee!

I can just imagine the ring around the bath tub tonight!

back to work

I am standing in the great room - and looking up.
Alvin is in the bedroom to the right of the catwalk.
To the left of the catwalk is the "sanctuary"

in Alvin's "spare" time ~ he put together a play structure 
for our little grandson Ev, who loves to visit.

People who know me ~ know that I love daisies.
There are many many daisies at the lake - and I often wished we could transplant some.
The other day, in our front yard I noticed something growing...
Yes, it was daisies!
They were like a "kiss" from God that day!