Bring a Woman to the Well

We want to make sure that every woman that desires to come for spiritual retreat can come, but we also know that financially it may be a hardship for some women to pay for their retreat time away. 

We have a special fund set up especially for that purpose, however we would also like to open this up as an invitation for YOU to join with us in sending women  for retreat.  How can you do that? Well here are a few ways: 

If you know of someone who needs to retreat but you also know they are financially strapped, then perhaps you would like to send them here.  If you send them, the money you pay is not receipted as it is for a service for someone.

Or perhaps you have stayed yourself and you would love to donate towards this fund.  Then a donation would be gladly accepted.  As long as it is not ear marked for anyone in particular - then this would be tax receipted.

If you are a church and you think of someone that you think would benefit from time away, then you also are encouraged to help to cover the cost financially to send them OR perhaps you want to buy a gift certificate and give it to the person.

There are many ways to help someone get the retreat they need.

If you are the woman that just does not have the money to cover your retreat cost, we invite you to pay whatever you can afford, and then we will cover the rest.  OR if you have no money at all to give, then please just let us know that and come.

Perhaps you know of a woman who could benefit from a spiritual retreat that comes through this part of the ministry. Let us know. Help to "bring a woman to the well" and bless someone with your donation.

This fund applies to single retreats, not to group bookings.  We also can only offer it based on whether or not we have the funds to do so.  

We also limit it to one stay per year through Bring a Woman to the Well Fund.  This helps us to help more women.  

Please understand that we can only offer this as long as we have the money in the fund to cover the costs.  We pray that people/churches/organizations would accept our invitation to join us in keeping this fund available.  Thank you.