About the Ministry

Alvin & Joy Klassen
Women Refreshed at the Well is all about a Vision that God entrusted to a woman named Joy in 2000.  It seemed that He wanted women to be able to go away, to “retreat” and to just “be” with Him. The Vision God entrusted was complete with the Scripture from John 4, which talks about the Woman at the Well ~ and how Jesus told her how she could have living water so that she would never thirst again.

The ministry perked on a back burner while Joy first of all quit a career of 25 years, only to be called into pastoral ministry for 7.5 years in the church Joy and Alvin attended all their married lives.  There was a big reason for this - and Joy knew that as sure as God called her into pastoral ministry, He would also call her out when it was time to take the ministry off the back burner and turn up the heat!!

And God did!  Joy resigned from her paid job as pastor in 2009, and they began to build in 2010.  It was a long build - almost like Noah building the ark - it took 2 years to build. (Since the men did it alongside of their full-time jobs). It was a labour of love, and sweat!  God was in the details and in the timing of it - 2 years and all!

We dedicated the ministry late March 2013, and opened the doors to retreaters April 1, 2013.

The retreat ministry is operating out of 5839 Henderson Highway (Narol, Manitoba); in a brand new house, that was designed by a good friend Jerald Peters and built by Joy's husband Alvin and sons Joshua and Michael.  The house was designed especially with this ministry in mind, using details that God gave to Joy.  Joy along with her daughters Ashley and Leah decided on how the decor would look!  Sometime you should ask her about that!!

We do not advertise other than this website, facebook and instagram.  Our biggest source of advertising is women and men who have come and tell others.  We believe that God brings those He knows that need to step away for a while and retreat.  

A neighbour asked Joy while the house was being built - "Is there a need?  Will people come?  And if so, how often and how many?"  While it seemed like a legit question, there really was no answer as we had no clue.  However Joy's answer then is the one we stick to!  She said "we have no clue how many will come or how often. All we know is that when God calls you to something, and you are obedient, He never hangs you out to dry!"  And that has been the truth.

At "The Well" which we affectionally call it, (and it is a little more man friendly when you say it that way lol) we host about 325-350 people a year.  We figure that shows that yes, there is a need!

Women Refreshed at the Well is a registered charity, and is able to give tax receipts should you wish to donate.

It is governed by a board of directors, and we also value the input of volunteers who come from time to time to help cook, serve, clean and work in the garden!  

For more information contact womenrefreshed@gmail.com or call 204-416-3531 and speak with Joy.