Sunday, September 30, 2012

fall is settling in

Seems that fall is settling in over the land.
The geese are flying by daily
The farmers have gotten their crops off, and their land tidied up for winter
The garden markets are open in abundance down Henderson Hwy
The leaves have turned brilliant colors of gold, red, orange and rust
God's handiwork is all over this land
And I stand in awe

As I type this, I see the sun is setting
The days getting progressively shorter in daylight hours
Shorter by minutes each day
No wonder we just want to come in and just relax!

But there is always work to be done around here
A little of this
A lot of that
More work than play it seems!

We are thankful for the continued beautiful weather
As it allows us to do things without having to wear lots of layers and clothing
Like for instance - planting trees
Or watering them!

I will share some of the beauty of this land, along with some pictures of where things are at at 5839 Henderson Hwy.  We still have work to get done before the snow flies.
SNOW ...  don't even want to THINK of it yet.
(insert sad face here)

Enjoy the fall pictures - and the update.
And please keep us in your prayers as we continue on in this great adventure God has called us to.

our "amour" maple is planted

fall reflections in our freshly washed windows

outside of the barn - this red bush is so pretty

blue sky and amazing hot temperatures in September!

this thistle is purple in summer and now is white and fluffy seed!
even if it is a weed - it is just beautiful

now the front part of our lawn 

grass begins to grow just before it is time for it to sleep for winter!

the back yard "in progress" ... top soil covered with tarp, and the future pondless waterfall to the right of the picture
looks a little messy right now - but one day - it will be soooo beautiful!!
Thanks Jan for the arbor!

some trees about to be planted in the front yard

trees ... one day you too will be big!!

the planting is underway

my modern day "Noah"
just getting some more of the job done
all in a day's work!

leaves fall

once again, God reminds me of HIS love to us
and of HIS presence
and of HIS provision
through creation
Even heart shaped leaves.
What an amazing GOD we serve!!