Monday, November 23, 2015

3rd Annual Advent Walk-Through - plan to ATTEND!!

Who IS the Christ of CHRISTmas?
3rd annual Advent Walk through at “The Well”

We invite you (men and women alike)  to join us @ The Well  (yes it is Women at the Well ministry) 

When you step into the house, you will be reminded that this is the Christmas season!  However it will be when you walk upstairs and begin the Advent Walk Through - that you will begin to read, reflect and respond as we draw you into Who IS the CHRIST of CHRISTmas?

Each room will be set up as a “station” for you to come into, to read, ponder, breathe deeply and respond.  The Walk-Thru is set up to do individually.  We are booking people into time slots so that we can keep the flow going smoothly.  This is a QUIET advent walk-through, but once you are done, you are invited to continue to enjoy this season by sipping a nice hot apple cider and enjoying something sweet! 

Dates and Times:  November 29th to December 2

Sunday, December 29th (First Advent) 5 pm till 9 pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:  1 to 3 pm;  5 to 9 pm

WHERE:  5839 Henderson Hwy - a short drive north of Wpg on Henderson (towards Lockport)

Call to book your time slot.
Joy @ 204-416-3531 or email

May this be our gift to you!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A big thank you to our Evening of Celebration and Giving Sponsors

Our Evening of Celebration and Giving was a wonderful night!!  The food was good - the fellowship was sweet and new friendships were made, and we were able to share with others what Women refreshed at the Well is all about!!  We will write more on this post to come - especially once we get photos from Kristin.  However in the meantime we want to thank some of our corporate sponsors!
Thank you so much - for donating to Women Refreshed @the WELL

Thank you to 

Waldy Derksen - Derksen Law
200-1135 Henderson

Allan & Janet Fast, Fast Insurance
1115 St. Mary's Road

Karl & Judith Friesen - Urban Trail - St. Vital Mall

Dave Kramer -  Royal LePage

Marlene and Victor Janzen - Homestead Manitoba

Ted and Mary Paetkau with Concord Projects

Jerald Peters - Ft3

Tatiana Penner - Oak & Lily Florist

Mark Enns - RidgeMark Builders

Floral done by Cynthia Goulet

Decor accents from Pineridge Hollow

*** as well as friends of the ministry who sponsored tables but wish to remain anonymous -
thank you so much - we know who you are!!  You have blessed us!!

More pictures and write up to come soon!!  Just waiting for the pics!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

A great evening with Artist Faye Hall!

An evening of Art and Inspiration!

Last week we hosted the evening called "Art begets Art" with artist Faye Hall. Faye's book was just released and were available to buy.  The weather was a little bit miserable outside, but the warmth and fellowship inside were tangible. Faye has been connected with our ministry for a while now.  Originally I (Joy) was blown away when I connected personally over a painting of hers and how it corresponded with a "picture" that God gave me during my Quiet Time with Him on morning in January 2012.  That is a whole other God-story!

Last Wednesday Faye came with some of her paintings. The one of Malcolm Guite was breathtakingly real, as well as the brand new reveal of the painting Everlasting Arms that Faye painted for Joy and Alvin. This painting is of their grandson Jay Benjamin Klassen who was born silently in July 2008.

Faye read something from her new book. There was a time of questions for her. Many within the group knew Faye, or at least knew of her work. It was a great time to come and show our support and appreciation for someone who is so incredibly gifted.  

As a ministry we are so blessed to have many of Faye's paintings hanging in our place.  She has let us have them here - no charge - but as a blessing to those who come and retreat.  Hosting this event for her was a way to give back and say thank-you for sharing your gift and talents with us.

Go and check out Faye's link and her other pictures - and if you need a great Christmas gift for someone, or one of the books for a grandchild - give her an email - and buy one (or two or three or four!!)