Monday, November 23, 2015

3rd Annual Advent Walk-Through - plan to ATTEND!!

Who IS the Christ of CHRISTmas?
3rd annual Advent Walk through at “The Well”

We invite you (men and women alike)  to join us @ The Well  (yes it is Women at the Well ministry) 

When you step into the house, you will be reminded that this is the Christmas season!  However it will be when you walk upstairs and begin the Advent Walk Through - that you will begin to read, reflect and respond as we draw you into Who IS the CHRIST of CHRISTmas?

Each room will be set up as a “station” for you to come into, to read, ponder, breathe deeply and respond.  The Walk-Thru is set up to do individually.  We are booking people into time slots so that we can keep the flow going smoothly.  This is a QUIET advent walk-through, but once you are done, you are invited to continue to enjoy this season by sipping a nice hot apple cider and enjoying something sweet! 

Dates and Times:  November 29th to December 2

Sunday, December 29th (First Advent) 5 pm till 9 pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:  1 to 3 pm;  5 to 9 pm

WHERE:  5839 Henderson Hwy - a short drive north of Wpg on Henderson (towards Lockport)

Call to book your time slot.
Joy @ 204-416-3531 or email

May this be our gift to you!

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