Mother/Child Retreat

We have had the privilege of being a place where a handful of Moms have chosen to come with their underaged (under 18 years of age) daughters, for a Mother/Daughter retreat.  

We are glad that we can offer this quiet place of retreat.  

We have hosted moms who have come to celebrate special birthdays, as their daughters have turned milestone birthdays such as 13 and 16.  It is a special time, and we are glad to be able to provide that space.  We have delighted in watching Moms and Daughters interact with one another. The greatest joy is when we see how Moms are incorporating "listening for the voice of God" time into their daughters lives. 

While we have allowed some of these bookings, we have to put some guidelines on it. 
  • Your daughter must be between the ages of 12 and 18, and must be accompanied by you.   
  • We will give you a room to share if you wish, and the normal suggested rates will apply.  Restore is $100 plus $40 for the second person (regardless of age) and the Season themed rooms are $85 plus $40 for the second person.  If you wish to book two rooms, then it would be the full cost per night.
  • You will be responsible for your daughter’s actions and whereabouts at all times.  
  • Your child will not go into the hot tub unsupervised.  So even if you choose not to physically go into the water, you must be outside with her during the time she is in.
  • Mother/Child bookings are only available on weekdays, not weekends. 

Why do we put these guidelines on?  Well mainly because of the age.  Your daughter between 8 and 18 is still under aged.  

The other thing that happens is this - for the sake of the other women who are coming here to retreat, and often to retreat from big families full of children, we will not put a Mother/Child in at the same time as women who are adults and here retreating.  We realize that this will limit the times that are available.  Mother/Daughter retreat is only available to book on weekdays.  

We exist because we believe that God has called us to offer the space for women, and at separate times, couples, to get away and to just be.  We know that children under the age of 18, have different needs/demands/behaviours.  For that reason, we will not put single retreating women here at the same time as Moms and children.  It just does not work in the best interest of the adults or the Mom and child as the last thing a mom needs to to be worried that her child talking etc, will be breaking the silence.

We hope you understand.  If there are any questions - please email at