Women Refreshed at the Well is a non-profit organization.
All of our rates are set as Suggested Prices.

For those who can not afford the Suggested Price - you are still welcome, and we ask that you pay what you can afford.  We believe this is important as paying something helps you to be financially invested in your stay.

For those of you who are are able to pay the Suggested Price - great!  This price has not changed since we began in 2013 but can change as the board deems necessary.  

For those of you who enjoyed your stay so much that you wish to give more - then anything over and above the Suggested Price (cost of the stay)  will be receipted as a charitable receipt.  NOTE:  while you will be given a receipt for payment of your retreat - you can not claim it since you received a service.  However, if you donate over the cost of your stay, you will get a tax receipt for the amount over cost of stay, and that will be mailed out at the end of the year, and you can claim it on income tax.  

Suggested Price for the Day - $60* 
9am-4pm ~ or whatever part of the day you wish to stay within that time frame
Lunch included.  

Suggested Price for an Overnight stay in Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn - $85*
6pm-4pm the next day
Overnight includes breakfast and lunch

Suggested Price for an Overnight stay in Restore - $100*
6pm-4pm the next day
Overnight includes breakfast and lunch

* All prices listed are for Single Occupancy - if you wish to stay 2 people in a room, double occupancy is an additional $35.

Although we did not build with groups in mind, we have hosted many many groups both overnight, and also for the day.  We have been blessed by those who have used our space.

If groups stay overnight, then the same rates are applied as above.  There is unfortunately no break for a group that books in and uses all the rooms.

However, if a group books in for a day retreat - the rate is a little different for a group of 4+ retreaters
Base Rate for use of facility is $150 PLUS $20 pp for food.  This includes a morning coffee available when you come, coffee/tea/water throughout the day, and a lunch. 

Please note, that in a group rate, you are NOT given a bedroom.  If having a nap is part of your plan for the day, then there would be a charge of $50 added per bed used.