Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You're invited to our Open House!

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We are having an open house so people can come and see how things are progressing. It is a come & go, and we will have some refreshments for you to enjoy.

Sunday, November 20th
5839 Henderson Highway

Come and see us, and bring all your friends! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

snow settles over the land

Today is Monday, November 7th.  Oh where does time go?  It snowed last night so this is the sight of the house from the barn.  There is a thin covering of the white stuff over all.  SNOW.  How the seasons are transitioning before our eyes.  Alvin is very glad that he got the siding down above the garage on Saturday afternoon.  He and our friend Mike F came and gave him a hand, and when they were done, Alvin was breathing much easier.  Now winter could come.  I guess technically winter is not here officially until December, but somehow the snow just seems to BE winter to us!

So the boys are at work inside the house.  It is nice to be in there where it is warm and dry and with lights.  We are very thankful for these things.  It is a much different story than this time last year.  Our boys worked through some very cold cold winter days!

Where are things at?  Well - the first and second floor are nicely painted!  With color names such as HUMBLE, LATTE, ARCTIC WHITE, HYACINTHE, DEJA VU and SIZZLE ... you have to know that this house has taken on a new character of its own!  You will be greeted with warm and inviting colors!  We love the look so far!

Alvin and I, and then Alvin and Willy, worked at assembling the cabinets for the kitchen.  That will be the next big project - getting the kitchen ready!  I can hardly wait.

The pine for the flooring, was ordered and picked up last week!  Another thing that will make the place warm and inviting!

We are still needing work to be done in the lower level, which will house our private suite, but well - it will be done when it's done!  I am not about to put any pressure on my sweet husband to do this ... he puts enough pressure on himself.  God continues to bless the work of their hands, and I am so thankful that thus far, the build has been without incident or accident.  Thank you Lord for your provision and protection thus far!

There is still a lot to be done, but we are so thankful.  The color I chose for the siding takes on a different hue depending on how sunny it is.  It is a navy blue, but often looks more steel blue.  I love it and we have had many compliments.  It will eventually be complete with a nice star by the RED door.  Right now we still have an old temporary door on.

What else can I say?  We are moving along.  We are grateful.  So, as the blanket of snow covers the ground, if you opened the door you would likely hear the music playing, and the sound of three men working!  Day by day, one bit at a time.  Thank you Lord!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Season's Song? What does this have to do with Women refreshed at the well?

Season's Song.  What in the world is Season's Song and WHAT does this have to do with Women refreshed at the well.  ???

Well, here is the story.  When Alvin and I were applying for our building permit, one of the conditions was that we also apply FIRST for a business licence since we had applied for being able to run a bed and breakfast/retreat place.  It was rather frustrating to be totally honest.  Even thought the application fee is not that much - $50 per year for a business permit from the municipality - the biggest issue was that we could not have our building plans approved with the permit to start UNTIL this was done.

As we looked over the information to apply we realized that it was much more complicated than just applying for a permit.  The complicated part is that we (Alvin and I) are putting all of our personal money into building the house.  The way the house is built - the second floor will be totally used for women's bed/breakfast/retreat) as well as the main floor.  Our "private" space is in the lower level (aka the basement) but we will also have a massage therapy room down there, and an exercise room.
SO all of our money is paying for the house to be built, as well as the barn.  WE ARE NOT USING MINISTRY MONEY FOR THIS.

So when we started to investigate and ask people who have the knowledge in this area, we were encouraged to form a business for ourselves and then to "rent space" to the non-profit ministry to operate out of.  (have I lost anyone yet?)  This way also, since it is our home, we can claim some of the expenses of operation.  Yes, it gets murky.  But anyone who rents space for anything would operate in like manner since not every organization or business has the money to build their space for themselves.

As a family, we did things the same way we usually make decisions.  We talked about what to call our business.  I have sat often on the front deck and just listened to creation around me.  That really speaks to me!  God is so good to us - in that He has created such beauty in nature!  The birds that fly overhead. The Blue jays that flit from tree to tree with their loud raucous cawing.  The chickadees that surround the bird feeders and don't rush away when we come close.  I love the whispering of the leaves when the wind blows through them.  This has already been such a wonderful place of retreat for me!

We began to talk about names - names that would capture the essence of nature and the sounds that we hear.  And we decided on Season's Song.  It captures the ideas of Seasons (in our lives as well as in creation) and Song - well that just doesn't need to be explained.  It implies a sound that is beautiful.

I went to the Companies Office and did a name search.  Season's Song was granted to us.  Then I registered it.  YES!

Next step was to go to the RM and ask for a permit - which I did.  I filled it out as best as I could (considering that we were not operating yet and didn't know all the answers to the questions yet) and then I paid some more money.  Within two weeks I got the permit approved and stamped and in the mail.

So, to make a long story short.  Our business is Season's Song, and the non-profit ministry Women refreshed at the well will operate out of Season's Song building!  Is this as clear as mud?

If you need more explanation or info - 
please feel free to email me at womenrefreshed@gmail.com