Sunday, August 2, 2020

UPDATE re: Covid-19 and The Well

Beginning in September, we will resume retreat ministry in a very limited capacity.  Unfortunately we will not be able to take groups at this time.  Retreats will be available for individual bookings.

We will continue to be cautious and to follow the advice that we have received regarding re-opening.   As we have mentioned before, the home that the ministry operates out of is also the personal home of Alvin & Joy Klassen (Executive Director) so this makes it more complicated.

This is a time of life that is unknown.  Even though we plan to reopen in September, we realize that things can change quickly, and we will respond as needed.

- operating in a lesser capacity, unfortunately no group retreats will occur as we can not maintain restrictions esp the social distancing
- each person retreating will use their own bathroom
- food served will be plated vs buffet or family style 

** We will ask people to refrain from coming if they are encountering ANY sickness/symptoms

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the fact that the ramifications of COVID-19 can change day to day, we DO reserve the right to cancel retreats on a moments notice, as we deem to be necessary.  Since we take no deposits, obviously we would not have to give a refund.