Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's going on in June?

We are almost at the end of June, and I have not put up any pictures lately!  I have taken a few – but just not downloaded them.  So, what HAS been happening you may ask?  Well, let me recall a few events that have us encouraged and excited about the progress!
  • our gas line was brought to the house  (first of all, when we came and saw that they had trenched it in, we were excited until we saw that it was hooked up to the barn. But they soon came to remedy that!
  • our hydro was brought to the house!  We had hydro already at the barn, but now the guys can plug in at the house!! (most necessary for the ghetto blaster let alone the power tools!)
  • our plumbing is done!  (the last little bit being done today by our good friend Henry!)  Of course this is the “roughed in” stage.
  • our furnace/air conditioner is in the basement and most of the venting is done!  (thanks to Mike K and Brad)
  • the sunroom floor has been done leading off the living room space
  • the deck is going up, so is the overhang
  • we have had some visitors!!  WE LOVE VISITORS!  (we have also heard that some of you drove into the yard but didn’t stop and say hi!)
  • we have chosen a color for the siding.  (believe me THAT was a major decision for me to make!)
So, here are some pictures!  We praise God because we know without HIM this would not be happening!  We give him the glory!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A trench, a gas line, a set of steps and the new furnace!

This has been a week of activity, and you have to believe that my husband is very happy with the changes that have happened this week. On Monday – a trench was dug so that they could put the lines under ground. At the same time, the crew was at the land “removing and redoing” the gas line. They put it in in error on Friday – attaching it to the barn instead of the house. (They didn’t see the house for the trees!) So the yard was FULL of activity and trucks and MUD. (and more mud!)
They built the stairs that go from the garage down to the basement, and you can see we got a few shots of them! They also began to put some drywall up in strategic places (like where the electrical box will go). As well – hooray!! Our furnace/air conditioner is in the basement!
Things are moving along! In between, there is some rain, and some sun! On the way to the land the other night, I got a few pictures of the clouds with the “silver lining” … absolutely beautiful!
I thank God for the progress that is happening! God is good! Please continue to pray for the guys as they build. And hey – feel free to drop in and take a peek!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday, June 12, 2011

Today was a “day off” for Alvin and the boys, a day off building that is, since it was the day shift at the firehall, and for Michael – he was able to spend the day golfing!  It was a beee-u-tea-fulllll day!! When I picked Alvin up from the firehall at 5:15 – it was 25 degrees celcius.  Beautiful!
However, here in Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) we are supposed to get some wet weather over the next little while (beginning tomorrow night) so Alvin wanted to go to the land and do the capping on the roof.  SO… after some supper, I headed out there with him.
First of all – we set up one of the two mosquito magnets.  It takes a while for them to work effectively, but it is going.  We have one more too – we just have to get the propane tanks filled. 
Once we got the one going – Alvin and I headed to the house.  And from there he climbed up onto the roof.  I got to spend some time inside – and actually read a bit.  I also took some pictures!