Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday, June 12, 2011

Today was a “day off” for Alvin and the boys, a day off building that is, since it was the day shift at the firehall, and for Michael – he was able to spend the day golfing!  It was a beee-u-tea-fulllll day!! When I picked Alvin up from the firehall at 5:15 – it was 25 degrees celcius.  Beautiful!
However, here in Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) we are supposed to get some wet weather over the next little while (beginning tomorrow night) so Alvin wanted to go to the land and do the capping on the roof.  SO… after some supper, I headed out there with him.
First of all – we set up one of the two mosquito magnets.  It takes a while for them to work effectively, but it is going.  We have one more too – we just have to get the propane tanks filled. 
Once we got the one going – Alvin and I headed to the house.  And from there he climbed up onto the roof.  I got to spend some time inside – and actually read a bit.  I also took some pictures!

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