Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's going on in June?

We are almost at the end of June, and I have not put up any pictures lately!  I have taken a few – but just not downloaded them.  So, what HAS been happening you may ask?  Well, let me recall a few events that have us encouraged and excited about the progress!
  • our gas line was brought to the house  (first of all, when we came and saw that they had trenched it in, we were excited until we saw that it was hooked up to the barn. But they soon came to remedy that!
  • our hydro was brought to the house!  We had hydro already at the barn, but now the guys can plug in at the house!! (most necessary for the ghetto blaster let alone the power tools!)
  • our plumbing is done!  (the last little bit being done today by our good friend Henry!)  Of course this is the “roughed in” stage.
  • our furnace/air conditioner is in the basement and most of the venting is done!  (thanks to Mike K and Brad)
  • the sunroom floor has been done leading off the living room space
  • the deck is going up, so is the overhang
  • we have had some visitors!!  WE LOVE VISITORS!  (we have also heard that some of you drove into the yard but didn’t stop and say hi!)
  • we have chosen a color for the siding.  (believe me THAT was a major decision for me to make!)
So, here are some pictures!  We praise God because we know without HIM this would not be happening!  We give him the glory!

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