Monday, September 26, 2022

Slowly moving into Autumn at The Well

Life at The Well has felt a little bit like a motor beginning to warm up again and run.  Some people have asked me - "ARE YOU FULL?"  and while I appreciate the intent of their question, it begs a bigger conversation.  And well, the answer is NO we are not full if you mean - are all rooms booked every day of the week - 24/7?  Yep that would be full and to be honest - I am not sure we would want that kind of full.  

Prior to covid happening, I think in the year 2019 we hosted almost 340 people in the year.  Now that included ANYHOW who came for a visit - whether it was an overnight, a day retreat, or a Bible Study night, or a coffee visit.   I loved the rhythm of that year - it felt like we were seeing repeat people who had worked retreat into their rythm of life.  

Well - then Covid hit!  And I will be honest - because while it affected us in a big way - as every other business was affected (no clients - no income) but still there were some gifts of COVID and it came in the way of having time to just be, and to listen to the voice of God speak into our vision for ministry here.  And HE always has a way of clarifying things when HE speaks.   For that I am thankful.

While many things have changed - some thing have remained the same - and we are still here and offereing retreat space for you to come to.  We still offer space at The Well for women, for couples and for individual men.  And again - we do NOT put couples together with individual retreaters, and we do not mix men retreating at the same time as individual women so THAT has not changed.  

While we are not full - and not even close - we have seen that God is bringing those that need to come.There is some much hurt out there - so much confusion - so much sadness - so much stuff in lives that needs to be worked through.  While we have no counsellor here - I do have a certification as a Spiritual Director, and it is often my privilege to sit with someone over breakfast and to listen and pray with people.   While we are NOT full, we have seen a flow of people coming to spend quiet time with God.  We continue to offer retreat time during the week and also weekends.  

If you are wondering what is available - please EMAIL us at  and we will figure something out for you.  If you are wondering about the new year - 2023 - then we are booking into that already - so don't wait and be disappointed.  

Again - please EMAIL instead of phoning.  I have been thinking of cancelling the landline due to all the spam calls we get - but I have it there in case you do phone - as it gives the informaion and strong encouragement to email.  We need the paper trail - as it just gives all the info instead of having things all over the place (facebook/instagram messages are not always checked so again please email).

Till then - take care and enjoy this season of Fall.  Leaves are begining to turn - a reminder that we go through seasons in life - in every way!

Talk soon - we look forward to hosting you