FAQS aka Things You Should Know

* Unfortunately we do NOT have a wheel chair ramp.

All the bedroooms are on the second floor - so there are steps which we realize may limit some people when choosing us as a place to retreat.  It is our hope that in the future, we can put a lift in, so that those unable to climb stairs, can still come.

HOWEVER we do have a room on the main floor which has a murphy bed in it, and can be converted to a bedroom if you are unable to navigate the stairs.  The only thing is the washroom only has a toilet and sink, no shower. 

We are NOT scent free. For those with allergies to scent, our house may pose a problem.
We diffuse essential oils from time to time.  If you have a scent allergy, we will commit to not diffusing for the few days prior, and your linens will be done in scent free soap.

We are a SMOKE FREE facility.   Smoking if needed, must be done away from the building. 

We Reserve the Right

If needed, we reserve the right to cancel on short notice if something arises that makes a retreat impossible to carry out.  We would give you as much notice as possible, but if it was an emergency, notice may be limited.

In regards to your bookings and inquiries - We will respond to your emails with respect and grace, and trust that in return you would give that to us as well.  We know that sometimes when people are under stress words are spoken or written that can be hurtful and at times abusive.  

Should this be the case - we may need to make the decision to postpone a booking, or to deny a booking altogether.  

It is our hope that people who chose to come here to retreat will treat us with the same love, grace and respect that we will treat you with.   We will work at helping to meet your needs without compromisig our own.  Thank you for your understanding.