Sunday, May 20, 2018


Our 3rd Evening of Celebration and Giving gala was a huge success.  We had about 175 people filling the room at the Niakwa Golf and Country Club on April 19, 2018

We are very thankful for those who so generously helped to sponsor the evening.  Please go to the top of our site and click on FRIENDS OF THE WELL.

We also showed our video for the very first time publicly.  We are so pleased with the work that Matt did, bringing the video together.  So PLEASE take a look.  Again, go to the tab that says VIDEO.

We are excited about SPRING having arrived and seeing the many different shades of green in our yard!  God knows how to show off HIS creation!  Here are a few pics!  ENJOY!

love the buds that are happening on the trees and shrubs

This was one of my sister's first bikes! It got a new paint job and will find a place in the garden.

The evergreens are in bud!

I always stand amazed at the beauty of the garden!  

Lots in process

as I said ... lots

thankful for the work and help of Maxine Gacek, and the ongoing work of Joy's husband Alvin

These got planted in 2010... and are now a very nice windbreak of evergreens!

Maxine has been doing some work on this berm ...  lots of thought behind the process!

This is a picture of the OUTDOOR SANCTUARY that is going to be built
in a couple week!  We are excited about this.  Timbers and metal are ordered.
Now just looking for some old doors!