Tuesday, July 24, 2012

more changes - including some landscaping

These pictures are not in order - mainly because I was having some trouble with the loading of them.
Regardless - you can see how things are progressing!  We are getting closer and closer ...
and closer :)

Alvin and Michael had some help from a neighbour!

the retaining wall is poured

yes, sometimes he stops for coffee breaks or in this case
it is a smoothie that is his drink of choice!

garage lights are up

I picked, ordered, paid, and now wait for the tile to come in for the kitchen
(I picked the 2" x 2" tiles)
grass seed is down
watering faithfully

covering up the topsoil before the storm

you can see the beginning of the paths for the gardens

the beginning of the "centre garden area"

topsoil is precious
do not want to lose any of it to wind or rain

top soil is spread - and gives the yard a whole new look
grass to come!

Maxine marked some places for Blue Spruce to be planted

Alvin in the bobcat - spreading the soil

Maxine explaining the pondless waterfall that she has in mind for the yard

"I'm the king of the castle!!"
Nothing like a little fun while planning the yard

"... this is how I will sculpt the pile to get it ready for the liner, and then the rocks ..."

"... and over here ..."

Josh working in the SPRING/SUMMER bathroom....

Alvin helps out Josh by washing off the grout off the tiles
This washroom is my favorite!!  

Josh turned each washroom into a work of art!