Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jordan finishes the working drawings!

Wow, today was the day that I went to pick up the plans from Jordan.  He has been doing the working drawings over the past few weeks.  This week, he ran the plans for a last “look and see” past Jerald, who gave him the go-ahead to finish them up and pass them on!  This was a very exciting day for us.  I went to pick up the file, complete with all the plans, plus a big set, plus 6 smaller sets to give for quotes, trades, etc.
The boys are raring to go!
Next week, they need to be stamped by an engineer in the final step, and then onto the municipality planning office for a look over and then to get our building permit.
We are getting closer to the physical build.  The road restrictions are on still.  In some ways that is something that we have no control over, and it slows us down.  But, God is in control, and we are trusting Him on this ~ step after step after step!
More to come soon…
Oh, and the other exciting thing is, we just received two more donations because God laid the ministry on the hearts of two families!  Thank you for your generous gifts to this ministry!
the plans!