Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Open again


We are now open again and hosting retreaters.  Some things have not changed - but some things have, and we know that people are glad to be able to come, retreat and have some silent time to "just be" ...

We are only booking individuals for silent retreats, not groups at this time.  We have 5 rooms, but since washrooms are shared, we are only booking people into 3 rooms so each one has their own washroom.

We are asking you to wear a mask whenever you are outside of your room and passing through the house.   

We are holding things loosely, and paying attention to how things change within our province of Manitoba.  We have good reference people that we can go to for advice.  We book with the understanding that we may have to cancel a booking on short notice.  We appreciate the understanding in this area.

Ultimately we are looking to host in the best way that keeps everyone safe.  We welcome your email to us for more information, or to inquire about booking. Spaces have been filling quickly.  We are now booking into the last few weeks of 2021.  

For more info - email Joy