Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some more pictures as the build progressed through August...

I realize that there are a few (okay many) pictures that I have that tells the story of the build. 
Within this slideshow you will see first of all the pictures from our last day at Anola.  This was a huge move after being there for 27 years.  Everything there was built through the love, swet and manual labor of my husband Alvin.   Now we were closing this chapter in our lives to move in with our kids – in their loft – and to continue to build our combined house/retreat house.  God gave us the strength we needed to pack up and leave.  It was an emotional part of our journey – and when Alvin and I left for the last time at midnight on July 31st – there were tears.  We are so thankful for our kids, our family and our dear dear friends, who rolled up their sleeves – helped pack – helped move – helped clean – helped keep us fed and watered!!  We could not have done this without them all!!
August was a full month and the guys took advantage of each blue-sky day!  The siding went up – the big door for the garage was picked up (so thankful my little brother Tim helped me!!) and there were times when they did stop for coffee breaks and “Everett” breaks as you will notice one picture of Poppa with Everett.
God continued to go ahead of us – and so here are some of the pictures from August!  Enjoy

Friday, January 28, 2011

Yes... We are still building!

The last time I posted was the middle of July.  I apologize for neglecting the site – what can I say.
Life got full to overflowing!  Not a good excuse – but it is true.  During the summer we took many pictures along the way of the build.  I will try to include some (as well  you can also go to my personal blog and scroll through pictures of the build )
At the time of this posting – while it is snowing like crazy here – Alvin is at the site with two guys.  One is painting the upstairs main room of the loft/barn.  The other is backfilling around the house basement walls.  Things ARE happening there.  Perhaps things are a little slower than Alvin wanted … but we have no doubt that God’s Timing is always perfect.  And we (Alvin and I) in the meantime – we are learning alot along this journey.
So – to catch up – allow me to share the story through pictures.  I have only loaded pictures up to the end of July.  More to come – but I have to go clean up some dishes!  Enjoy the pictures!