Friday, January 28, 2011

Yes... We are still building!

The last time I posted was the middle of July.  I apologize for neglecting the site – what can I say.
Life got full to overflowing!  Not a good excuse – but it is true.  During the summer we took many pictures along the way of the build.  I will try to include some (as well  you can also go to my personal blog and scroll through pictures of the build )
At the time of this posting – while it is snowing like crazy here – Alvin is at the site with two guys.  One is painting the upstairs main room of the loft/barn.  The other is backfilling around the house basement walls.  Things ARE happening there.  Perhaps things are a little slower than Alvin wanted … but we have no doubt that God’s Timing is always perfect.  And we (Alvin and I) in the meantime – we are learning alot along this journey.
So – to catch up – allow me to share the story through pictures.  I have only loaded pictures up to the end of July.  More to come – but I have to go clean up some dishes!  Enjoy the pictures!

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