All of our rooms were lovingly thought of and intentionally designed and decorated to provide an intimate setting for women to just "be"; to be able to spend time with God, praying, listening, retreating and renewing from time spent in solitude. All of our rooms have a queen sized bed, as well as a comfy chair to relax in.
** We also have a Murphy queen bed in a room on the main floor should someone find it hard to climb stairs, or if a 6th bed is needed. 

Daytime retreat: 9am-4pm
Overnight retreat: 6pm-4pm
See our rates page for more details.


Back in 2009, Joy and her daughters, Ashley and Leah went for a walk while they were at the cottage.  It was a beautiful spring day, and as they walked, they talked about the retreat ministry.  What would we name the rooms?  It would be wonderful to have them named but what?  Then we came up with the idea of SEASONS.  This idea really resonated in our hearts, as we walked and talked about how we could decorate.  

We also thought that the idea of SEASONS was a good one in many respects.  We go through SEASONS in life - as we age.  We go through SEASONS spiritually.  We also are thankful that God made such incredible SEASONS in nature, for us to enjoy.

We began to brainstorm - beginning with the appropriate paint color for the rooms. That was a fun but a hard task.  You will notice that the colors are bold in some cases, and nice and mellow/soothing in others.  Then we went hunting for chandeliers.  We picked sparkly glass one for WINTER, one that looks like branches for AUTUMN.  The one in SUMMER is made of shells and hangs and sounds like a wind-chime if touched.  SPRING has a beautiful white chandelier with flowers  Then came the headboards, and that was where Audrey (Ashley’s friend) joined our team.  We picked a beautiful white iron frame for WINTER, and old door for AUTUMN, a seagrass headboard for SUMMER and a beautiful iron headboard with birds on it for SPRING.  A mattresses maker/supplier allowed us to come and mattress test, and let us purchase from them.  Then they made them for us.  

Now - for chairs in each room.  It was at this point, Joy connected with Jan Regehr of Pineridge Hollow.  It was so much fun working with Jan - and there were fabrics selected, and chairs sat in, and styles chosen.  It was a wonderful time of choosing such special things, and we are so thankful for Jan’s friendship, support and help, not to mention her amazing expertise!!

After that came the linens (which range up to a 1800 thread count, with added softness) to beautiful duvets (both hungarian goose down as well as non-down option).  DUVET covers - were ordered from all over - to fit with the desired theme. Pillows were selected so that you have a choice of SOFT, MEDIUM or FIRM - just the way you like it. And room decor - all the beautiful things that make it special were purchased from all over the place!

What you see today - is a delight to the senses!! Every simple thing - from the pillow top beds made especially for us - right ot the little knickknacks on the wall - were lovingly and intentionally chosen so that one finds it an inviting place to enjoy solitude and time alone with God.

Winter and Autumn share a bathroom between the two rooms.
Spring and Summer also share a bathroom in the hall.

Restore (Our 5th and biggest room, with an ensuite)

It was after the silent birth of Jay Benjamin Klassen, firstborn to Josh & Leah, and first grandchild to Joy & Alvin, that God began to say, "get the ball rolling" in regards to the ministry. At that point, the ministry had been "perking" on the back burner while Joy was in a fulltime pastoral ministry position. The location, the house design, and the idea of the house being built by the Klassen's and used predominately for the ministry - that all came from God giving the idea to Josh & Leah while they were away for a short trip following their son's silent birth.
We believe that out of the incredible brokenness that happened in our hearts, has come something incredibly beautiful. God has redeemed the ashes and we believe this room will have a ministry all of its own - to women who have suffered the loss of babies, children and grandchildren. If this is part of your story - we weep with you, and hope that we can also rejoice in the healing along your journey, and pray that this room will be a part of your journey.

Joy asked Leah & Josh to take on the ownership of this room - from the color, the decor, and the name. The room's name is RESTORE. Read below for fuller insight.

verb (used with object) - store, -stor-ing.
1. to bring back into existence, use, or the like; reestablish: to restore order.
2. to bring back to a former, original, or normal condition, as a building, statue, or painting.
3. to bring back to a state of health, soundness, or vigor.
4. to put back to a former place, or to a former position, rank, etc.: to restore the king to his throne.
5. to give back; make return or restitution of (anything taken away or lost).

bring back, build up, heal, mend, recover, redeem, reestablish, refresh, reinstate, reintroduce, rejuvenate, renew, rescue, retouch, revitalize, revive

Psalm 51:12 "Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me."
Psalm 23:3 "...he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake."
Jeremiah 31:3-4 "...I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness. I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt..."
Romans 5:8 "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

How do we know we are loved when our circumstances make us feel abandoned, forgotten, unloved, helpless, and alone? Because Christ died for us.
How can our joy be restored when our situations can't? Because our joy runs deep, our joy comes from our salvation, our eternity with Christ is secure and unchanging.
Oh Lord, that we would have an eternal perspective, that we would be refreshed with how you showed your love to us on the cross. The cross is everything!

Women Refreshed at the Well has a library space where you can sit and enjoy the quiet while reading a good book, or you can browse the selection and borrow a book of your choosing.

There are 2 larger spaces at Women Refreshed at the Well, the sanctuary & the great room, that can be used during private retreats, as well as can be utilized by larger groups looking for places to host meetings.