Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March update!

What can I say about March?  It is almost over and let me tell you that it was a full month.  Our kids (who we were staying at their loft) moved into the city.  Therefore – we moved.  We are temporarily living in my mom-in-laws condo (she passed away in October and the family will sell the condo soon, but right now – it is a gift to have some place to live.)
So March – was full of moving … but also full of building when Alvin got a chance to do so.  Every spare moment he can be found working at the land.  But – there are some exciting things happening.  So – without further words – I will just get to posting some pictures. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The rest of February! Yep, more pictures!

The previous blogpost had pictures up to and including Feb. 8th.  That was when Alvin and I took a brief trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario and surrounding places.  It was a good time of R&R and connecting with family and friends!  You will also notice a couple pictures we took, of a house we saw in Niagara Falls.  We loved the rounded porch and turret!!
We left when it was pretty cold in Winnipeg, and then came back to more frigid temps and incredibly high winds.  Makes it hard to work outside!  Oh well – some work did get done!  Enjoy the pics.