Monday, November 23, 2015

3rd Annual Advent Walk-Through - plan to ATTEND!!

Who IS the Christ of CHRISTmas?
3rd annual Advent Walk through at “The Well”

We invite you (men and women alike)  to join us @ The Well  (yes it is Women at the Well ministry) 

When you step into the house, you will be reminded that this is the Christmas season!  However it will be when you walk upstairs and begin the Advent Walk Through - that you will begin to read, reflect and respond as we draw you into Who IS the CHRIST of CHRISTmas?

Each room will be set up as a “station” for you to come into, to read, ponder, breathe deeply and respond.  The Walk-Thru is set up to do individually.  We are booking people into time slots so that we can keep the flow going smoothly.  This is a QUIET advent walk-through, but once you are done, you are invited to continue to enjoy this season by sipping a nice hot apple cider and enjoying something sweet! 

Dates and Times:  November 29th to December 2

Sunday, December 29th (First Advent) 5 pm till 9 pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:  1 to 3 pm;  5 to 9 pm

WHERE:  5839 Henderson Hwy - a short drive north of Wpg on Henderson (towards Lockport)

Call to book your time slot.
Joy @ 204-416-3531 or email

May this be our gift to you!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A big thank you to our Evening of Celebration and Giving Sponsors

Our Evening of Celebration and Giving was a wonderful night!!  The food was good - the fellowship was sweet and new friendships were made, and we were able to share with others what Women refreshed at the Well is all about!!  We will write more on this post to come - especially once we get photos from Kristin.  However in the meantime we want to thank some of our corporate sponsors!
Thank you so much - for donating to Women Refreshed @the WELL

Thank you to 

Waldy Derksen - Derksen Law
200-1135 Henderson

Allan & Janet Fast, Fast Insurance
1115 St. Mary's Road

Karl & Judith Friesen - Urban Trail - St. Vital Mall

Dave Kramer -  Royal LePage

Marlene and Victor Janzen - Homestead Manitoba

Ted and Mary Paetkau with Concord Projects

Jerald Peters - Ft3

Tatiana Penner - Oak & Lily Florist

Mark Enns - RidgeMark Builders

Floral done by Cynthia Goulet

Decor accents from Pineridge Hollow

*** as well as friends of the ministry who sponsored tables but wish to remain anonymous -
thank you so much - we know who you are!!  You have blessed us!!

More pictures and write up to come soon!!  Just waiting for the pics!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

A great evening with Artist Faye Hall!

An evening of Art and Inspiration!

Last week we hosted the evening called "Art begets Art" with artist Faye Hall. Faye's book was just released and were available to buy.  The weather was a little bit miserable outside, but the warmth and fellowship inside were tangible. Faye has been connected with our ministry for a while now.  Originally I (Joy) was blown away when I connected personally over a painting of hers and how it corresponded with a "picture" that God gave me during my Quiet Time with Him on morning in January 2012.  That is a whole other God-story!

Last Wednesday Faye came with some of her paintings. The one of Malcolm Guite was breathtakingly real, as well as the brand new reveal of the painting Everlasting Arms that Faye painted for Joy and Alvin. This painting is of their grandson Jay Benjamin Klassen who was born silently in July 2008.

Faye read something from her new book. There was a time of questions for her. Many within the group knew Faye, or at least knew of her work. It was a great time to come and show our support and appreciation for someone who is so incredibly gifted.  

As a ministry we are so blessed to have many of Faye's paintings hanging in our place.  She has let us have them here - no charge - but as a blessing to those who come and retreat.  Hosting this event for her was a way to give back and say thank-you for sharing your gift and talents with us.

Go and check out Faye's link and her other pictures - and if you need a great Christmas gift for someone, or one of the books for a grandchild - give her an email - and buy one (or two or three or four!!)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


This is just a post to give you a few dates and tell you to make them on your calendars so that you don't miss out on some great things with the ministry.
All of these events are for men and women BOTH - not just women.

There will be event details and information soon!  We promise.  HOWEVER mark the dates so you don't miss out!

October 9th, FRIDAY - Thanksgiving Party at 5839 Henderson Hwy, home of the Ministry!!  Stay tuned for info.

October 28, Wednesday - "Art begets Art" book launch.  This is by artist Faye Hall.  Begins at 7 pm.  Come and be inspired by the art, faith, stories from Faye that have come out in beautiful artwork.  

November 5th, Thursday - FUNDRAISING Banquet at The Gates.  More info to follow.

November 29th to December 2nd - 3rd Annual Christmas Advent Walk-Through.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hot Days, Lots of Rocks, Pulling Weeds and Mosquitoes!!

Alvin and Michael (son-in-law) built these steps up the one side of the waterfall

Maxine, Alvin, and Maxine's husband Wayne work at putting rock in place

Alvin uses the excavator to place rock, as Wayne directs him

hooking up the liner to the top of the tank for the water

a little dirty ... pressure washing up close got me pretty mud splattered

even Maxine's dog Duke loves to come out to work

Maxine put in endless hours on this hill

grasses were placed, and then later were dug into the ground - waiting for rock to be placed

Hot days have been enjoyed in Manitoba.  We are not complaining even though we have enjoyed out air conditioning a lot!  I figure that we need to continue to cherish these days and remember them as we get closer to fall and winter.  Yes, sorry to say - we are getting closer to that too!

Lots of rocks have been brought onto our property.  We purchased several loads of river rock and were thankful for a good deal per yard from Reimer Soils.  We also got the gift of 3 pallets of quarry rock from Mariash Quarry.   Alvin and I took our flatbed trailer and picked up about 3 tons of it, which he then unloaded manually.  Maxine, along with help from Wayne (her husband) and Alvin (my husband) and myself - placed each one in a particular place.  Nothing has happened without much thought, believe me.  We continue to thank God for the gift He has given us through Maxine and also her husband Wayne.  Maxine's help, hard work, tons of volunteer hours, prayer, and creative design has blessed our ministry.  We can't say thanks enough.

One of the most exciting things that has happened, is that we have out waterfall going!!  It is unbelievable - and I love the sound.  As my grandson noticed, "Granny, one side is faster than the other side."  It was intentional - and we love the sound that it makes as it falls down each side.  It is truly music to our ears.  It was so exciting to see Maxine's creation come to life!!  We are still working on it - you really should come take a look!

coffee break for hard working volunteers

We have picked more weeds than we care to say!!  Huge tall ones - fluffy ones - prickly thistles - so many weeds.  There are many "teachable moments" while pulling weeds.  I totally understand why Jesus used the story about the weeds when illustrating to the people.  We have had some extra help pulling weeds.  Anna-Christina and Olivia have given us a hand - and would be here every day if they could be.  It has been fun getting to know them, and love them!  I have enjoyed the help as I just can not keep up with it myself!!

Mosquitoes have been crazy around here.  Today as we worked - they were fine until the end when we walked through the grass to the back to measure something out.  They were absolutely crazy and truly sent us back, brushing them off as we went.  I guess it makes sense as we were overwhelmed with so much rain on the weekend.

What is new and happening?  Well, we have decided to put a "prayer path" in the back.  The path itself will occupy a space about 40' by 45'.  The most exciting thing that just happened is that our friend Elmer (and our son-in-law's dad) went to speak with the Barkman family - and they have graciously given us all the patio stones needed for this project.  Believe me - this is not a project without prayer and we are so thankful to Barkman Concrete for their generosity.  NOW we can hardly wait to get going!!  I am also very thankful to our friends Elmer and Jeannette who are volunteers here, and great friends - and we appreciate their help in this endeavour (and adventure!!)

Sometimes in the thick of things, the yard is a little overwhelming.  We have more plans than time it seems.  And perhaps more dreams than we have money!!  But it is good to dream.  We also believe that God is in this outdoor sanctuary - and for that we praise Him and dedicate this space and our work, and our vision for it - to HIM.  To God be the GLORY!!

We can always use volunteers - to help weed, to help with projects i.e. paths.  We will find a job for you - just give us a call!!

With that, I am signing off !!

 ** Sorry, I tried to put in a beautiful video of our waterfall here - 
but just could not get it to load 
so if you are on Facebook - go to our page and watch it!! 
OR come and see for yourself!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bookings!! Don't be disappointed!!

We have just celebrated our second birthday!!  The most exciting thing is that we are seeing how God is "enlarging our tent" in a few ways - one of them being that He is bringing more women to retreat during the week!

When God spoke the words to me about starting a place where women could go to "just be" ~ I have to tell you that resonated in my heart ALOT.  I had been taking personal spiritual retreats at a local convent for a long time - and I knew the blessing that happened when I took the time out of my full schedule (working full time, being a wife and mom to two kids) to just spend time with God.

I used to book time off work - during the week - and pack up and go.  Sometimes for just a day.
Often for two days and a night in between them.  Once in a while for more than one night!  It was so good - and the silence was interrupted only by the sound of the bells calling the nuns to their prayer times.

When we began planning the ministry, I have to be honest - I did NOT think of weekends as the main booking times!  Not sure why - I guess just because I was only thinking of how I did things.  I was able to get away during the week and it worked best so I could be home on weekends with family.  But God has surprised us by the weekend bookings.  Not just one night stay - but often both nights of the weekend.

This year has been pretty much the same - in that the weekends in the first half of the year booked early.  And in many cases, booked with groups, which means all the rooms were booked.
While this is good for the ministry - this makes it hard for women looking for one room for one night on a weekend.  I always feel bad saying "I am so sorry but we are booked!"

So you know ... we are already booking into the last half of the year.  SO ... if you are looking for weekends ...

BUT as I said weekdays are also booking but there is still a lot more flexibility on booking during the week.  It may be hard to get that time off of work but week days are wonderful!!

We are advertising as part of our local Christian radio station, and we have received inquiries.
We are thankful for this as well - as the word is spreading.  The best advertising has been word and mouth by people who have come here (and continue to come back again, and again).  We are thankful for you return retreaters!!

If you are wanting to book - please email
I would love to help you find a date.

Joy Klassen
Executive Director

Friday, January 23, 2015

Jesus did it!! How much MORE do we need to retreat to be with the Father!!

Joy writes ....

Years and years ago (2000-01) when I heard God say "open a place for women to go to just be" I will admit to you a couple things:
1) hearing God speak was new to me, it took me by surprise and filled me with fear and excitement at the same time.
2) I had no clue what this place should look like, and I researched as best as I could "retreat" centres.  I found some pretty wacky stuff (to put it mildly) and I knew THAT was not what He was calling me to.  (its funny when you know what something IS NOT but still don't know what it IS ..)

I did know what it meant to "just be" and I knew that well.  I had come through a long deep depression, and then I lost my mom in 96 and my dad in 97.  I had taken several retreat days at St. Ben's just outside of Winnipeg.  I knew what I experienced there in the setting.  I knew that was not what God wanted me to do - as it felt more "institutional" (likely because it was an institution). I was and still am very thankful for those spiritual retreat days that I took - sometimes just for the day - and often for a couple nights.

My walk with depression changed me.  It also gave me a window into why it was good, and very necessary to "step out" of the hustle and bustle of life, and retreat.  Or withdraw.  I think this is why I love the Scripture passages where it is recorded that Jesus withdrew to a solitary place.
Check Luke 5:16; Matthew 14:13; Mark 1:35 for starters.

Jesus withdrew.  He "stepped out of the traffic" as Eugene Petersen wrote in The Message, Psalm 46:10 and he went to a quiet, a solitary place ALONE to be with His Father.
Jesus retreated!!

Almost at our 2nd year anniversary with the ministry, it has been very interesting to see which ages are coming to retreat.  My interaction with people my age (mid 50's) has been a mixed bag really - I find that with my age, people don't generally think of retreating anywhere, let alone going away and paying for a room for a night/day.  Now that is a general statement only from my experience with people when talking about the ministry, as well as hosting.  NOW THAT BEING SAID ... I have had some my age AND older.  The oldest was 78.  The day she came she said first thing, "I never thought I would ever be doing something like this" and there she was!  One person told me that they thought it was not a good thing - to give young women the idea that they can forget about their life for a while.  I said, "oh no, that's not it at all.  It is about stepping out, about retreating for a short time, to allow God to renew, refresh and refuel!!"  I am not sure if she bought it.

I have felt God place a very very tender spot in my heart for women my daughters ages - young women - young moms - single women - working women - not sure why exactly, perhaps it was because when I pastored for 7 and a half years, I interacted with younger women a lot, and realized how full their lives were - and how they ran, ran, ran SLEPT and then repeated it again.
I have to say that this is the predominant age that truly "gets" the importance of spiritual retreat, AND it is always a blessing when (if they are married) I have had some husbands calling and booking for their wives.  THAT blesses me - I can only imagine how it blesses their wives, and their marriage.

I think that, like it is for anything new - doing it for the first time is a little scary, a little apprehensive, a little anxious.  My thoughts go back to 2004 when our care group decided to book into St. Ben's for a day retreat.  We went, had a devotional together and then each of us went to our own rooms - everyone split up and went singly to a room.  Going into this day, I remember distinctly 4 people (3 men including my husband, and one woman) who were very very nervous.  What would they do?  What would God do with them and the time?  Would it be weird?   However at the end of the day - we all came to a consensus that the time of withdrawing to a solitary place to be with the LORD was such an amazing day!!  We planned to do it again.  Sad to say, it did not happen again.  But it was in our thoughts.

Think of it.  JESUS - the Son of God - needed to withdraw ALONE to a SOLITARY PLACE to be with His Father.  WHY THEN do we not see the value for ourselves?  Like I used to find, I hear the same comments here "The time went by too quickly - I wish I was staying for another day."

Whether it be an old monastery, or a new place such as ours - I don't think the place is the big thing  - I think the BIG THING is the fact that you are intentionally choosing to step out of the hustle and into a quiet place to LISTEN, to REST, to PRAY, to JOURNAL, and come away RENEWED, REFUELED and REFRESHED.

Jesus needed to do it.
How much MORE do we!!

We are here - give us an email at or "LIKE" our Facebook Page WOMEN REFRESHED AT THE WELL
or pick up the phone and do it the old fashioned way with a phone call - 204-416-3531.

We are here - check us out - but more than that - make time to retreat!!  You will not regret it!