Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bookings!! Don't be disappointed!!

We have just celebrated our second birthday!!  The most exciting thing is that we are seeing how God is "enlarging our tent" in a few ways - one of them being that He is bringing more women to retreat during the week!

When God spoke the words to me about starting a place where women could go to "just be" ~ I have to tell you that resonated in my heart ALOT.  I had been taking personal spiritual retreats at a local convent for a long time - and I knew the blessing that happened when I took the time out of my full schedule (working full time, being a wife and mom to two kids) to just spend time with God.

I used to book time off work - during the week - and pack up and go.  Sometimes for just a day.
Often for two days and a night in between them.  Once in a while for more than one night!  It was so good - and the silence was interrupted only by the sound of the bells calling the nuns to their prayer times.

When we began planning the ministry, I have to be honest - I did NOT think of weekends as the main booking times!  Not sure why - I guess just because I was only thinking of how I did things.  I was able to get away during the week and it worked best so I could be home on weekends with family.  But God has surprised us by the weekend bookings.  Not just one night stay - but often both nights of the weekend.

This year has been pretty much the same - in that the weekends in the first half of the year booked early.  And in many cases, booked with groups, which means all the rooms were booked.
While this is good for the ministry - this makes it hard for women looking for one room for one night on a weekend.  I always feel bad saying "I am so sorry but we are booked!"

So you know ... we are already booking into the last half of the year.  SO ... if you are looking for weekends ...

BUT as I said weekdays are also booking but there is still a lot more flexibility on booking during the week.  It may be hard to get that time off of work but week days are wonderful!!

We are advertising as part of our local Christian radio station, and we have received inquiries.
We are thankful for this as well - as the word is spreading.  The best advertising has been word and mouth by people who have come here (and continue to come back again, and again).  We are thankful for you return retreaters!!

If you are wanting to book - please email womenrefreshed@gmail.com
I would love to help you find a date.

Joy Klassen
Executive Director

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