Friday, April 16, 2021

A Hug & a Thank-You ~ Virtual Fundraiser Reflections


Joy Writes:

As I sit here so many thoughts are flooding through my mind and heart.  Our virtual fundraiser is not done.  We continue to get comments from people, as well as pictures.  Our team that planned this event which consisted of : Janet Fast (one of our Board co-chairs) and her daughter Kara Carson; Phoebe Robinson (who has been on this planning team for a while now, and has been a supporter since before we opened) as well as our daughters Leah Klassen, and Ashley Thiessen.  It takes a team to do what we did - and I could not do it without these lovely ladies whom I love dearly!!  

Ashley is also the one that put the virtual together.  This took many hours and some great skill.  So a huge thank you to Ash for all your hard work. 

The theme for the event was the one we had chosen last year.  HE RESTORES MY SOUL

We had it all in place for last year - and we had to cancel.  However, God knew that, and we felt that it was even more applicable for this year and for how we are still going through this "Covid time" and it it has held and continues to affect.

Last year - Kristin from Inner City Youth Alive, did the videoing of our testimonials by Luanne & Rick Hill, Jennifer Kornelson and Lorne & Heather Korol.  We got the clips and put them away in our "vault" awaiting to use them.  Thank you to each one of you for sharing!!  A few people have said that your sharing gave the best insight into what happens here at The Well and we agree.

Paula Warkentin waited on God for the Spoken Word and was prepared to do it in person last year.  The process of writing that really is a process of waiting on God.  When she asked me for the names of our kids and grandkids, and the name of the architect Jerald Peters ... even then I had no clue what she was writing or should I say "receiving from God".  We have heard great feedback about how that has blessed people.  Thank you Paula, and Emily the violist, and Joey Sanchez for doing the videography.

Faye Hall was another real God-thing in all of this.  I talked with her about painting a picture.  She shared that she had been in a real dry spell, and she also was waiting on God for some clarity and inspiration as to her painting.  So when she said she would do this, taking this as an answer from the LORD, we were so pleased.  We are excited to see where the painting will hang.  There is a starting bid of $600 and if you want to bid on it please send your bid to    We are taking bids until April 24th.

I also want to thank Josh and Leah Klassen - my kids - for doing the MC'ing of the event each time.  We think they are a great mix to do this, with creativity and they make it fun.  Thanks again you two.

And to our board co-chairs Allan and Janet Fast - you closed the evening for us.  You made me laugh, and I am sure others, with your "hey you are taking my lines" and other banter.  You two have blessed the ministry since its inception, and we appreciate your love, friendship and support.  Thanks.

The food was great - huge thanks to Mona Lisa Restaurant at 1697 Corydon - they were so easy to work with!  In the end we delivered 187 pizza's!!  To those who spent the day delivering-Allan and Janet Fast,  my husband Alvin Klassen with grandson Maverick keeping him company,  Dakota Friesen and Harley Friesen,  Jeannette Thiessen, Josh and Leah Klassen,  Kim and Kevin Hampton, Phoebe Robinson, Shawna Hayes, Tracy Reimer, and my daughter Ashley and I - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ...  this was after the snow, and things were icy in places especially the out of town drives.  Thanks all! 

Thank you to Michelle Bloom at for the tea favors and Ashley Thiessen/Don't Forget Cake for the cookies.  These were delivered with the pizza packages.

Now the spread sheets are almost ready to take a rest ... they have been highlighted and checked off and rechecked, and counted and now I will take the time for some personal email thank-you's.

We will be putting the Sponsors logos up here within the next couple days - and encourage you to support them!  

It has been a whirlwind week.  Our "reach" was farther than it has ever been before.  And financially it looks to be a really good one as well.  We are thankful for that.  

The days were long, and nights were short but it was worth it.  Some of you may have gotten the emails after midnight.

We had 189 people getting pizzas (I say we delivered 187 as we were two short, so our family just had 2 less so lol ) and then we had 5 couples/groups who did not want pizza.  I had a big "miss" here as I missed sending the link to one couple within this group.  (Spreadsheets checked off, but seems my midnight emailing missed this family.)  That was my biggest fear, so missing one has laid heavy on my heart and again I am so sorry about that.  I am glad they emailed to ask at 9 pm, and that the link was able to be watched, but felt so bad.  😟   In hindsight we should have also sent an email version of the program to all those who did not want the food delivery.  

What will next year hold?  Hmm ... this may be a hard act to follow BUT we will entrust next year to God.   

With that, I am going to sign off and get to work on some thank-you emails.  For those who have sent cheques via mail, or done PayPal, or e-transfer ... THANK YOU.  You have blessed us with your support.

This is written with great love and an overflowing heart of thanks,  Joy