Friday, June 17, 2011

A trench, a gas line, a set of steps and the new furnace!

This has been a week of activity, and you have to believe that my husband is very happy with the changes that have happened this week. On Monday – a trench was dug so that they could put the lines under ground. At the same time, the crew was at the land “removing and redoing” the gas line. They put it in in error on Friday – attaching it to the barn instead of the house. (They didn’t see the house for the trees!) So the yard was FULL of activity and trucks and MUD. (and more mud!)
They built the stairs that go from the garage down to the basement, and you can see we got a few shots of them! They also began to put some drywall up in strategic places (like where the electrical box will go). As well – hooray!! Our furnace/air conditioner is in the basement!
Things are moving along! In between, there is some rain, and some sun! On the way to the land the other night, I got a few pictures of the clouds with the “silver lining” … absolutely beautiful!
I thank God for the progress that is happening! God is good! Please continue to pray for the guys as they build. And hey – feel free to drop in and take a peek!

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