Monday, September 5, 2011

What has happened since the last post in July?

I have to apoligize for not posting for so long. I got a new computer and to be honest – I am still trying to figure it out! Regardless… things have been happening at 5839 Henderson Hwy. My wonderful husband Alvin had the month of August off – and so he has been working fulltime at the house. Things are moving along. Things like:
- the wells have been dug AND we are getting the water. We have not tested it yet, but it is great water! It was pumping out at a high gallons per minute rate SO he definitely tapped into a great source! We have two wells since we are heating/air conditioning via a geothermal system, thus we needed two wells
- the plumbing was completed in the bottom of the house as well, and the furnace is hooked up, and the gas line has been brought in (for our fireplaces, our stove, and our barbecue)
- the drywalling has almost been completed. The taper is going to be starting tomorrow – and will begin upstairs where the drywall is done completely. He figures it will take him about three weeks to tape the house.
- the kitchen has been ordered and delivered.
- we got our appliances as well – except for the washer/dryer which I am still trying to decide on whether it will be top load or front load. (I am leaning toward top loading still)
- we have brought in some fill – as we had to … more will have to be brought in yet but it is looking better
- the guys have made a couple trips to the states, to Menards. The last trip in itself saved us about $3000 so it is definitely worth the trip down there
Things are definitely moving along. Sadly, so is our personal bank account!! If only that wasn’t the side affect! There are some days that I still can’t believe it is all happening. There are some days when I still wonder why God laid this on my heart ten years ago. But most of the time, I just really stand in awe of what God is doing. Right now, he is doing amazing things through my husband and boys who are putting in hours too. May God continue to bless the work of their hands!! The WORD does say – “unless God builds the house – the laborers labor in vain!”
The house has been prayed for/and over/and around. Many of you have come to pray and we are thankful! God is at work! Thank you for your prayers on our behalf, and for your drop-in visits.

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