Thursday, March 25, 2010

Working Drawings: First Meeting

Yesterday, March 24th, we met Jordan L. (Friesen Tokar) at Mountain Bean, and there ~ over coffee and London Fog tea, we looked at the beginning of the working drawings for the home.  This is the point that my husband gets more involved than me, as all the talk about thickness of walls, joists, insulation, etc has me become a little “glazed” in the eyes.  But, needless to say, since Alvin is getting somewhat antsy with the wait to begin the building stage ~ this visit was WONDERFUL!
The time together was about 40 minutes long.  Long enough for him to ask a few details about what Alvin wanted (to do with the construction phase).  Basically once my tea was done ~ our visit had come to an end, and we parted with another handshake and the promise to talk soon.
To say that sometimes I get this overwhelming feeling ~ would be most accurate!  There are times when I almost have to pinch myself to believe we are really REALLY doing this.  After 10 years of waiting ~ we are about to build!
We covet your prayers on our behalf and the behalf of the ministry.  Please pray for Jordan as he works on the plans.  Please pray that God sends the person he has already selected ~ to buy our house!  We really need that part to come to fruition!
God is our strength.  He is our guide.  Our light.  He is our all.  To God be the glory for all that He has done over the past years, and for what He is doing in the present, and for all He is going to do in the future!  We are merely his vessels through which He will do his work.

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