Friday, November 23, 2012

God's Provision in Unexpected Ways

This morning I am just in the midst of my Quiet Time (affectionately known as QT) with my God.
I do may things during my QT.  I (lately) have started off by just focusing on a verse or a passage of Scripture.  I have also been pairing up my QT with reading from a book called YOUR EARS WILL HEAR ~ A Journal for Listening to God, written by Steve & Evy Klassen (founders/directors of The Mark Center in Abbotsford, BC).  I know them, as Alvin and I have had the privilege of booking into The Mark Center, as well as in September I participated in a Listening to God morning session with Steve at our church's (Eastview Community Church) downtown campus One88.  After that Steve came home with me, and spent some time chatting (the three of us) and then talking some more while I drove him to his next location.  SO ... I am really being blessed by YOUR EARS WILL HEAR (which by the way, I have some if you want to purchase one).

ANYHOW back to this morning.  Here is the portion of Scripture that I meditated on:

           Job 11:7

              New International Version (NIV)
“Can you fathom the mysteries of God?
  Can you probe the limits of the Almighty?

Job 11:7
Amplified Bible (AMP)
Can you find out the deep things of God, or can you by searching find out the limits of the Almighty [explore His depths, ascend to His heights, extend to His breadths, and comprehend His infinite perfection]?

The question that Steve encourages the reader to think of/ponder is this:
When has God provided in unexpected ways?  As you pay attention to how God has been providing for you, focus is on this element of the unexpected.  How is God revealing his character to you as you receive provision from unforseen places?

I have been thinking alot lately - about how God - being God - NO ONE can even begin to fathom the deep things of God!  You know, sometimes my mind goes there, and my finite thinking just makes me overwhelmed.  God - His greatness, His might, His power, His omnipotence, His mysteries, His limits ~ CAN NOT BE FATHOMED!!  Sometimes I have said about something, "it is a mystery only God understands".  There is way more to our relationship with God, way more to the way He moves, acts, blesses, guides us - than we can even ask or imagine!

When I think of how God has provided in unexpected ways - I am continually blown away by the "UNEXPECTED" ... and I love that about my God!  Being a somewhat spontaneous person, I love the surprise element (well, most of the time) and I just have loved the adventure that God has us on - with the building of our house, that we are using for ministry.  I am loving the fact that once God laid this vision on my heart - that HE has also done HIS thing over and over and over again, and that He has brought in the unexpected into this adventure.

Let me list you some of the "unexpected ways" that God has provided thus far:

  • names of people that we needed to connect with
  • volunteers that have come and donated their time and effort
  • unexpected cheques in the mail
  • land purchase with no conditions, no counter offers needed
  • neighbour with dozer who helped do some landscaping
  • some help with reduced costs from 4 different businesses - covering landscaping to mattresses to soil to furniture.  BLESSED!!
  • an architect who designed the retreat center, and we were so "on the same page" that very little changed in the design from start to finish
  • brothers who KNOW codes and gave sound engineering advice
  • a friend who listened to our hearts and designed a landscape plan for us and has informed us that someone is ready to donate the rock needed for the yard
  • opportunities to share my story of this adventure to women's groups
  • last night - the Pineridge Hollow Christmas Home Tours 2012 started, and Jan Regehr has selected Women Refreshed at the Well as their charity of choice and we will received proceeds from the home tours.  (OK that one knocked my socks off)
  • Christian Week story (2009) Manitoba Cooperator (2009) and the MB HERALD (coming next month) all wrote stories about the retreat vision.  (I am one of 2-3 written about in an article in the Herald, but CW and MC were exclusive about the Vision!)
  • more cheques that come unexpected
  • people speaking prophetically in our lives and us seeing how the words they have been given for us/ the dreams and the visions - match fully with this adventure God has us on!   
  • and on and on....
How is God revealing his character to you as you receive provision from unforseen places?  I love thinking about this question Steve asks.  God - He is such an amazing God!!  This is what I think about his character!

I think personally, that God LOVES to surprise us.  If you are a parent, you could think in those terms (although our parenting comes NO WHERE close to what God is as a parent to us)  I loved to give my kids surprises .  Even still as they are older.  Personally, I have been surprised over and over again by how God is in the details of my life, and in the details of this adventure He has called us on!  I think that the unexpected ways show us that God is way bigger, way greater, way more beyond our comprehension - that show us how He loves to guide us.  I love that the unexpected things we encounter are like continued road markers along the path, or like continual "kisses" that help us to remember again that even though we don't SEE him in person, we hear him, and see how he works through people, and circumstances.  Personally I believe there is NOTHING coincidental but that God knows, allows, puts into place at times, ORDAINS things along this journey!

I am seeing that God - MY God - is way bigger than anything I could ever think.  He is blessing us more than we could ever ask or imagine - and I just really stand in awe and thanksgiving.  This is HIS vision - we are merely the vessels through which He is building, through which He is bringing to be - a place where one can "just be" and experience rest, renewal, and refreshment.  WOW .... what a God HE IS.  

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