Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Some responses from our Advent Walk Through - the station on LOVE

On the second last station it was PAUSE to Experience LOVE.  Once people went into the room, there was something to read and respond to.  It was so interesting reading the responses.  

The question was asked - WHO DID GOD lay on your heart and the page was FULL of names.  And the second question was HOW CAN YOU SHARE GOD’S LOVE with the person you wrote down - and here are the answers:

  • Spend time visiting her
  • Hear her.  Pray with her.  Pray for her.
  • Write and encouraging note and send a gift basket
  • Words of affirmation in large amounts
  • Visit people to remind them they are not forgotten in the dark  
  • Remind them that you see that they are doing their best an that is enough!
  • Take a meal after hip surgery
  • Christmas gift/care package/chocolate/tea  
  • To be remembered when they are feeling forgotten by others
  • Impromptu visits with food
  • Share the gospel
  • Bring her flowers and send her a card
  • Pray for her and remind her that she is loved and valuable
  • For the person I can not contact - I WILL PRAY FOR HER
  • Be kind, friendly, understand, and be helpful
  • Pray for her
  • Be patient
  • Make time and effort to enjoy more of life
  • Drop by with treats and flowers and a card for their birthday
  • See her again before I go and keep in touch often after I leave
  • Be encouraging
  • Be positive 
  • Listen
  • Protect from stress
  • Have tea/coffee together 
  • Ask about her life
  • Express my love
  • Keep in contact 
  • Just LISTEN
  • I will greet (Name) in the morning and when coming home
  • Hugs and Kisses  
  • Have lunch with (name) and listen
  • Encourage 
  • Work as a team
  • Support
  • Connect through phone call, coffee visit and ask how they are and LISTEN!  
  • Pray
  • Kind words 
  • Being a safe place 
  • Doing things he wants instead of what I want
  • Spend intentional time with her and plan a day together
  • Inspiring faithfulness, child-like hope and trust.  Mid-day prayer
  • Be comforting and encouraging
  • Re-Focus on Him 
  • Involve Him in your ministry 
  • Be Kind and hopeful
  • Have dinner together
  • Bake something I know she likes
  • Keep regular contact
  • Invite for dinner
  • Take her a gift

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