Thursday, May 28, 2020

Now Accepting Online Donations

During this time we wanted to make sure it was easier for people to donate and we now have two options for you.  This information can also be found under the tab at the top for the "Donate" page.

You can choose to donate directly through E-TRANSFER.  This would be our preferred way since there is no charge/fee or money taken off your donation.  It is the whole amount!

To donate by e-transfer just type Women Refreshed at the Well (recipient) and use

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ALSO SEND AN EMAIL TO Joy at the above email - so we have your name and address for your donation receipt!!  We don't get that info off of your etransfer alone - so PLEASE send us your info for income tax purposes!!

You can donate by PayPal - click button at the top right of this site.
(look up to the top and over to the right for the button )

*If you donate through PayPal and  would like to consider adding the extra on to cover the fees, that would be great, but not required.

Thank you so much for thinking of our ministry!!
Since we can issue charitable receipts, they will all be sent out at the end of the year!
Thanks again for your donation.

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