Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Our COVID-19 response is as follows:

- as of March 15th, we have cancelled all of our bookings through to mid July 

- all bookings have been cancelled but once we are up and running, you will be contacted

- we will open again once it is doable for our Executive Director to do so - and to carry out the duties without risk.  She is the only person working in the ministry.  

- once the ministry is re-opened, we will post on Facebook and Instagram. 

- our ministry land line's message will be changed immediately once we reopen. HOWEVER,  Feel free to leave a message, or to email us at womenrefreshed@gmail.com 
Any voicemail left will be responded to within 24 hours.

We are a small organization.  It is also more complex since it operates out of Joy & Alvin Klassen's house.  For that reason, we are taking extra precaution so as not to put them or their family at any risk.

We understand that during this time, it WOULD be a good time to retreat.  We totally understand that people would like a place to get away and just be.   We are sorry we can not be that place right now, and hope that you will understand.  Any other questions, please email.  Thank you. 

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