Tuesday, January 8, 2013

reading part of our story in the MB Herald

As I walk by my island in the kitchen, I glance down at the MB Herald that I received in the mail in December, and I am thankful.

God is pulling out all the stops on our behalf, and hooking us up with people/places/things that cause us to stand in awe at how greatly He is involved in this ministry that He has called us to, and called us to build.

SO I thought I would just share the story link with you - and you can read for yourself.  In the herald itself, in the paper form of the magazine - it does not have the picture of the guys planting, but one of the fireplace in our home!

Here is the story if you want to read.  I am so pleased to be written up alongside of Steve and Evy Klassen and the Mark Center.  Lord willing, we will partner in some way with the Mark Center.  Time will tell - and only God knows.

here is the link:  enjoy the read! (just cut/and paste it into your browser.


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