Tuesday, January 8, 2013

memory verses in the midst

There is so much swirling around in my thoughts these days.  So much.
I find that I am constantly carrying around a notebook and I have a list in there that I can check off when the task it achieved, or the item is delivered, or purchased, or a phone call made .  You get it.
In other words, I don't just depend on my 54 year old memory any more!!

I go to bed with these same thoughts swirling in my mind.  In fact, sometimes they swirl so fast that I can't fall asleep (as was the case yesterday).

But in the midst of all those swirling thoughts and tasks (as fun as they all are) I have come to realize the importance of storing God's Word in my heart.  I have chosen to partner up with many other women who are challenging one another to learn memory verses along with Beth Moore.

Today I finally got around to writing down the verse in the little coiled book, as well as I posted it on the comments on her blog.  She asks that you write your name, where you live, and the verse reference, and translation.  

I have chosen NIV and this is the verse - 
Psalm 139: 1-2
O Lord you search me and you know me
You know when I sit and when I rise
You perceive my thoughts from afar

I think that I would like to memorize all of Psalm 139.  But right now - these verses are very timely for me.  Because - in the midst of all the details - the finishing, the decorating, the purchasing, the phone calls - in the MIDST of it all - HE does search me.
he DOES know me
He knows it all!

And well - it is a wonderful feeling - a deep sense of peace - and of calm - that God KNOWS.
He truly KNOWS me.
And I can't describe how, in the midst of it all - how it makes me feel!!
Thank you Lord for that reminder tonight.

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