Friday, April 22, 2011


I thought I had new pictures loaded on the computer – but alas – they are still on my camera (insert sad face here!!) Anyhow – we are very excited to see that the shingles are on our roof – all for a small section which the boys could not finish on Thursday (yesterday) due to the wind that came up. 
Alvin has been anticipating this day – and well – it makes it seem that much farther along.  The other day – I was telling Alvin that it just doesn’t seem real that God’s vision that He entrusted to me way back in 2000 ~ is actually coming to a reality with each nail, with each piece of wood, with each shingle!  I thank you Lord – for all you have done over the past 11 years as you have grown your vision in my heart … as well as over the past months as the boys have labored on the house.
I have been on the second floor of our house several times in the past week as we were trying to figure out where some things need to go or to be a little changed (i.e. closets) and I literally have my breath taken away as I walk in our house.  I can hardly believe it.
I am thankful for many things today.  First of all – being Good Friday – I thank you my Lord and my God – my Saviour Jesus Christ for dying on the cross for me!! Oh what amazing grace!  You dear Lord – redeemed me.  You love me unconditionally.  You love each of us and long for us to be in relationship with you!  I praise you dear Lord.
I am also thankful for the boys – as they work.  For safety.  We do not take that for granted.  (a few years ago Alvin fell off a truss while building at Josh and Leah’s house, and severed his rotator cuff muscle.  when we remember back to that – we realize how fortunate that was all that happened, and do NOT take safety on the job site for granted.)  Please join me in praying for continued health and safety as the boys build.
I am thankful for our friends and family who continue to pray for us – and to ask about the ministry and the build.  We could not do this without prayer support.  Thanks so much.  I am hoping to get a newsletter out soon.
I am just thankful – that God entrusted us with this Vision of HIS for women especially.  It is a great responsibility and it is our prayer that He will find us faithful in all of it!
On this Good Friday – leading into Resurrection Easter – may you experience Jesus Christ in a new way!  HE DIED FOR US ALL…. but better than that is that HE ROSE AGAIN!  Oh thank you Jesus!  AMEN.

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