Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mud, mud and more mud!

With the melting snow that has happened over the past couple weeks – we have alot of mud at our place.  I can not find my boots – but even if I could – I am not sure that I would venture in the mud in case I either got a booter, or lost a boot altogether.  However – the mud and water has not stopped my men from working at the house. 
Over the past week or so, some of the mud has been moved around the house, to try to get the water flowing into the ditches at the front.  We laughed and teased Alvin that he looked like a big boy playing with BIG tonka toys as he sat in the digger (or whatever it is called). 
As Josh and Mike walked toward me from the house – their boots were about twice the size with the mud all stuck onto them.  Oh well – soon it will be hot and dry right?
So I thought I would put a few more pictures up.  Today someone asked me when we thought the place would be done?  To which I replied, “we continue to hold it loosely in our hands – and let God decide the time frame.”  I know for Alvin it is taking TOO long … but God’s timing is always perfect.  We DO believe that.  Sometimes we just have to say it a few more times till we believe it fully!
here are some latest pics. 

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