Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The walls go up!

A week ago the concrete pad was done. And a very good-looking pad at that!!  We paid George today, and I think he thought it was looking pretty good too! (George was the guy in charge of the pour!)
I came today, with George’s money, and with lunch for the guys:  Alvin, Josh, Michael and Ryan.  (Ryan used to work with Blue Jay Family Works on a regular basis until his little girl was born last fall).  The guys were so glad to have Ryan working with them today because they had some BIG walls to build and stand up!
When I got there, it was at that point… the “Standing up the Walls” point.  I stood there with my camera, capturing the shots.  Hard Work… they were very big walls!
After getting up two walls, they stopped for lunch.  It was after that, that I loaded the cooler back in the car and left.  However, I have spoken with Michael who said ALL the walls are up!  It is finally happening.
I can hardly believe it!  But… seeing IS believing.
Go for a drive out to Lockport, and take a look for yourself!

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