Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finally... An update on what is happening at 5839 Henderson Hwy!

Well today is July 7th, and it has been a long time since I posted anything.  In fact, the last thing I posted was about the working drawings!  Much has happened.  My brother-in-law Rick (man, we owe him BIG time!) took the working drawings and made many final additions so that we could get the plans stamped by an engineer!  In the meantime, the municipality stated that they wanted the plans for the shop/barn AND the house before they would give us a permit to begin the shop.  (sigh)
Anyhow we did get the permit.  We have put in many sweat equity house on the foundation of the shop, or should I say the beginnings of the foundation.  You see, we are putting in “in-floor” heating with water lines that will lead to a boiler system (exactly like Alvin has in his shop and in our house in Anola right now).  So there was first of all, alot of rebar prepare, and then styrofoam had to go under it, and then the rebar was put down and tied with rebar wire ties.  Then we had to uncoil and put lines through the rebar, and then more lines on top, and these lines had to be also tied with plastic ties, so that when the concrete comes, they are secure!
Last Saturday and Sunday, Alvin and Michael, Ashley and I worked on that.  Talk about back-breaking!  Alvin and I had also worked on it a week ago Monday, and then the boys worked Tuesday and Wednesday.  With Alvin’s fire hall shifts – it means that he is now always there.  Between Alvin, and Joshua, and Michael – there are many things they are each involved in and need to get done OVER AND ABOVE this build of ours!
Now the boys are ready to pour.  The inspector was called and will come to pre-check the rebar.  It is so interesting to hear how everything has to be so that it is all built to the standards!  The barn will have a huge loft in it – and there are four pillars that will hold it – and so there is alot of extra rebar in those areas.  I often marvel at the knowledge Alvin has, and he patiently (most times!) explains it to me! 
It is starting to take shape… finally…. slowly…. in God’s time.  In the meantime, we have also bought and brought a semi trailer on site for storage, as we have to be out of our house by August 1st.  The boys began taking trailer loads from Anola to Narol.  One trip at a time, our possessions are leaving 35066 Springfield Road for their new home. (or should I say for storage at their new home destination!) 
Sometimes I am overwhelmed.  Sometimes I know Alvin feels some tinges of that too.  Our kids are very very supportive – the boys are working hard.  Alvin and I have talked about how we will not but a deadline date on the house to be completed as we do not want to put added stress on our kids, or ourselves.  We will move into our kids (Josh and Leah’s) place for the first while and Lord willing, once able to move into the house (even if it is not done yet) we will.  It is always easier to be “on site” although we are thankful that Josh and Leah are only a 5 minute scoot away from our build site.
We are thankful for our kids who are encouraging us through this.  Honestly, a few years ago, Alvin and I did not ever think we would build again!  We did this 27 years ago when we were that much younger!  But here we go.
We want to be careful so as not to overload our kids, who have lives of their own independent from us!  We want to be careful to take care of ourselves so that we are able to enjoy this new place when it is done.  We want to be able to work but also to be able to play, and enjoy time with our kids, and with our grandson Everett.
If you are reading this, and you are a prayer warrior – we covet your prayers for the following:
  • that the pouring of the barn/shop floor will happen tomorrow, Lord Willing.
  • that the boys will be kept healthy and strong during the build
  • that we would be able to transition out of Anola and our home here – into our temporary home with ease
The other day I asked Alvin if he ever wonders about what we are doing?  He said “never” and then he added “many people talk about what they want to do in life, and never do it.”  Sometimes I do get overwhelmed. (ask my kids and husband about that!) But often the overwhelming feelings are only very short-lived!  I know that our time frame is already way different than we thought this time last year! Remember the quote I have used before “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans!”  I figure He got a chuckle out of our preliminary time lines!
However, even if there are moments of feeling overwhelmed ~ I will say that I do believe that we are still doing what it is that God called us to, and what He laid on my heart 10 (yes 10!) years ago.  It is exciting to know that we are merely the clay vessels that He has decided to use!!  May it be for His honor and glory!  This is HIS vision for women in this province…. all His!  Father God, you are amazing!
Thanks for reading, and please continue to pray!

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