Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Reopening and the decision to make some restrictions for the ministry

This is to let you know that we will be reopening in September 
and look forward to having you back with us.

We are trying to figure out the best thing for everyone and realize that is tough to do.

Some are anxious about coming if other people are not vaccinated.
Some people want to come and are very openly against vaccines.
Some people are wanting to book and tell us right away that they are double vaccinated.

Some will continue to wear a mask regardless of what restrictions say.
Some others are glad to kiss the mask good-bye.

This is a tough time 
and I will be honest
it is a time that is hard for people
 to be open
 to listen 
and to not judge.  

I am sure we can all agree with that.

Reopening will be with some restrictions that we have chosen to put into place:
and we are reopening at a limited capacity of 3 rooms at any given time.  
So, unfortunately this means currently we are not taking groups.

We are asking people to continue to wear masks inside of the house
 when you are out of your room
except to take them off during meals
This is not optional, but mandatory if you retreat here at this time.

We know that things may change as we head into fall and we the 

above decisions will be reviewed month to month.

Thank you for your understanding in this area!  

Currently, we are booking into the last half of November