Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Retreating - Jesus style


 From Joy's desk to you ...

How did Jesus retreat?  What was his style?  In Scripture it talks about Jesus and how he withdrew to a quiet place to spend time with His Father.  Period.  It doesn't talk about taking food with him.  It doesn't talk about going to a local guest inn.  It just talks about Jesus withdrawing - taking time away - to spend time with His Father.  If I let my imagination wander, I can't help but think - Father?  Were you visible to your Son during this time?  Did the rocks hear a conversation between Father and Son?  Jesus - did you make yourself a little place to lay down and just rest, knowing your Father was with you.

I love reading about Jesus retreating because it just underscores for me once again, the importance of stepping out of the hustle and bustle of life to be with the Father.  I always wonder why we think we don't need to retreat.

Years and years ago - what seems like another lifetime - when I was a daycare director, working full-time, studying "on the side" (at one time I was taking a two online courses, from Athabasca U, Lethbridge College, attending a course at U of M and also RRC) and as well I was doing church volunteering .. it was a crazy time of life - literally was the beginning of my "undoing" and if I could go back, I would not have done it this way!  HOWEVER during the early years, my good friend Sherryl encouraged me to retreat and build it into my months.  SO that is when I began retreating.  I went to St. Ben's.  Sometimes just for a day.  Often for one night or two.  I remember those early retreats, one in particular where I just wanted to grab a 15 minute nap - which turned into an hour ...  I remember waking up and feeling like I had wasted my precious time there.  But in spending time talking with the LORD about it, He just let me know that "resting" was exactly what I needed.

Breathing in - breathing out.
Stepping out of the traffic of life - to JUST BE.

This is what we are about.  This is what our ministry provides - the space to step out and just be.  I have often had people come in through the doors, and tell me they (upon entry) experience a peace that they can not put into words.  I can tell you what it is - it is the presence of the Holy Spirit.
I do not take this for granted, and I know that even those who come with no faith background or knowledge have expressed this sense of overwhelming peace.   I believe it has to do with the early years - this time 10. years ago when we asked people to come and walk and pray - and rain on the place with prayer.  As we built - we prayed, others prayed, some drove around the loop and prayed while others walked through the house praying as we worked.  The prayers and the presence of the Holy Spirit inhabit the place.  I know that.  I experience that outpouring as well.  Thank you LORD.

We offer the setting.  The place to come and Just BE.  To be still and experience the presence of God.
We don't know what Jesus did during his retreat - but we know he retreated - and that is good enough for me!!  

I am attaching our video once again - and hope that you will share it with others.  Maybe YOU want to come!  Email today to womenrefreshed@gmail.com

With love and thanksgiving,

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