Sunday, October 21, 2018

Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies ...

It is fall.  Well, in Manitoba it feels more like an early winter.  The other day we were planting about 18 trees in the yard, the back third that is yet to be completed.  Working with wet mud and cold water made for 4 cold hands!! (Alvin and I).   However, in the cold, and the wet, and the wind I have seen the beauty as things have died, and are hunkering down for fall!

One of those sights was this - my milkweed plants.  They were beautiful all summer - and produced monarchs (5 of which I raised indoors after taking the caterpillars inside, and watching the process!). Then I returned them to their place of birth in the yard!!

The other day I saw how they had pods, which had dried and twisted open, and the seeds were tumbling out and flying.  Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies ...
What an example of faith - and how we are called to die to ourselves and let the Saviour do his work.
Oh LORD work in us!!

Please keep us in your prayers - as people come and go.  As women and men alike allow me/us into their lives.  We hear stories.  Some are really hard stories, but we see where God has been in them.  We appreciate your support - in prayer, in your presence as you walk with us, in any volunteer work, and definitely in finances!  We could not do this without you.  This ministry is way bigger than the two of us - and we continue to open our hands and allow God to do HIS work.  This is HIS.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!

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