Sunday, March 13, 2016

Testimonials - on the blessing of retreating

Since we have asked for testimonials, and for people to share on Facebook - I will post the answers as they come in:  They have been copied and pasted in, which accounts for the difference in font, as somehow I can not change that here.  :)

Laura Wrote:

I have been blessed to retreat at Women Refreshed at the Well a few times. Each time I walk in the front door I feel welcomed and like I can take a deep breath and just relax. I love the atmosphere that encourages you to just be, to quiet your heart and rest. It is so great to go and know that you don't have to feel pressure to do anything but you can also do just about whatever you want. It's truly is a retreat that you make your own. I've brought along books, crafts, games, movies, workout clothes, and just veggin clothes. It's so lovely to not have to worry about making meals, but to know you will indulge in homemade deliciousness. One of my favourite things is curling up in the library with my Bible and journal and just being with God, if I could I'd have my quiet time there everyday! I hope to enjoy Women Refreshed at the Well many more times in the future, I always leave with a full belly and a full heart. It's a fantastic ministry and Joy's heart for women is so evident in how she cares for each one who visits!

Lisa wrote:
Women Refreshed at the Well is a unique atmosphere that has to be experienced. As soon as you walk in the front door you feel a tangible peacefulness to the house. The rooms are all beautiful and very comfortable. Every detail from the hand towels to the decor creates a sense that someone is taking care of you. I felt comfortable taking time on my own to worship and pray in vulnerability knowing it was a safe place. Anyone needing refuge would find solace there.
Thanks for all you do!

Nadine wrote: 
~ Before I ever retreated at WRATW, God knew I needed to.
I felt my soul being called to a place of rest and renewal.
Not knowing what I'd find there, I simply came with an
open mind, open heart. 
What fills both, each time I retreat, is peace, love and joy.
In the busyness of life, I do not take enough time for me.
And I realize that in denying myself, I am also denying opportunity
for God. I meet with God in the quiet moments I am caring for myself.
And I know in those moments, He is happy because I am also inviting Him to
care for me. As a caregiver in life, I need to remember that I too am in need
of care. To best care for others, I must refill reserves, rest, and restore.
WRATW is a God-blessed and filled space where I connect with myself and 
God, seek comfort and guidance, hear His voice, and feel renewed. Yes, God knew
my heart, and provided for me, when He first drew my attention to WRATW. 
He was patiently calling me and I love that He did. I, like so many others, are blessed 
to have spent time retreating in His loving care. I am thankful for WRATW and for Joy,
who showers God`s love on each person who stays. 
I look forward to retreating again and again! ~


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