Tuesday, February 11, 2014

IF: Gathering

A few months ago, someone called me about booking the retreat house for a Friday - Saturday booking, as she was planning on hosting an IF: Gathering LOCAL and would like to do it at the retreat house.  So it was, that on Friday, 4 women sat in our great room, and we plugged into LIVESTREAMING of the IF: Gathering.  All I can say is WOW.  WOW.  WOW.
I would suggest you go to the IF: Gathering page on Facebook, or www.ifgathering.com for more information.  

It was a wonderful weekend from both my perspective, as well as from the women who were here.  A weekend of praise and worship, of teaching, of listening, or seeking God and talking/unpacking together.  I know that IF: Gathering is geared to the generation of women younger than me, but without a doubt, true to how God works - He blessed me too!! I want to say it was very very exciting to hear the speakers talk with great passion about Jesus Christ!

I did however have a regret, and that was that my daughters, and their friends weren't also sitting and watching and being blessed.  I am thankful that I can buy the digital download (which I will do) and I have decided that when they run it next year , that I can run it as a planned event for the ministry - and open it up to even more women to come and soak it all in.  

I am convinced, because I have seen the younger generations at work, that God is moving in them and through them, in a very powerful way!  It is exciting.  It is greatly encouraging.  It if life giving!!  To God be the glory for all that He is going to do.  

I really encourage you to go to the website link of IF: Gathering.  I also just joined the IF: Equip
and look forward to studying the same portion of Scripture with women across the world!  Jennie Allen, founder of IF: Gathering - you can't help but feel the passion, and it is contagious!!  God is at work in our younger generation - and I pray He continues to give Jennie and her team increased strength, energy, passion and vision!  TO GOD BE THE GLORY.



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