Monday, June 17, 2013

Providing a place for women to retreat to - to renew and refresh spiritually and of course, physically.

A couple weekends in a row, I had a house FULL of women!  And believe me, it was wonderful.
Yes, it made for some early mornings, and late nights but let me tell you - as much as they say they were blessed, I was blessed even more!!  I am always amazed at how God uses people to speak into our lives - often without them knowing.  The first weekend - it was an amazing group from Steinbach.  And, as I worked in the kitchen, I could hear them worshipping God through singing!  It was music to my ears.   And the weekend after, actually beginning on the Thursday night, I had another group that retreated here.  It was a different as they were not here in the house for alot of the daylight hours,  but never the less, they needed it!  On the Friday night, as I was again in the kitchen prepping some food, I could overhear them doing their "tuck-in" devotional time that a friend in BC had written for them.  (the friend was unable to come and join in on this trip with them).  But the most wonderful thing was hearing the women pray.  I am telling you - the sound of people praying - music to my ears - but to the Heavenly Father - I can only imagine what the prayers coming up to Him are like!!  Once again, over and over, I was blessed.  One of the women shared on her blog about her stay at our retreat ministry.  She also put some beautiful pictures on her blog of our place.  It is very interesting to see your place from another person's view.  Ellen (from Mennonite Girls Can Cook ) said she was happy for me to lift the pictures off her blog.  So here they are.

this was a view from her room
looking into our great room from the upper floor

the sign on the wall at the back door

looking out toward the yard

Autumn room

looking down onto the great room and dining area

this is the Spring room

and the Summer room

As well - check out Mennonite Girls Can Cook for the other blogs.  I am so happy they could find spiritual, and physical refreshment and retreat here!  I was so blessed.  If you wish to see her blog itself - just go to the following link.

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  1. Joy as one of the "girls" that was blessed to stay at the retreat center, I can say with confidence and assurance that indeed each of us was blessed by this ministry. I am so grateful that the Lord placed this call on your life and even more grateful that you answered the it and walked in obedience to see it come to life. May you continue to be blessed as others are blessed by what is offered there. Be sure of this, I will be back :)